Dolby Atmos



A true Hollywood Home Theatre Experience. This Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 Package includes state of the art THX Certified Loudspeakers, with an acoustically transparent screen for full fidelity, and accuracy of sound you hear in professional multiplex theatres. With Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Encoding, home cinema has reached new heights of atmospheric immersion. Using Yamaha custom designed Pre Amp & Power Amp dts-x-logocombo, Jamo THX certified LCR & Surround speakers, proper 360-degree rotation of sound, with true directional overhead in-ceiling speakers create a whole new level of immersion. With Dolby Atmos & DTS:X, your home cinema is now able to create a full 3 dimensional sphere of sound, as an alternative to traditional channel movement seen in 5.1 & 7.1 surround sound systems.


Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 Configuration


A standard 5.1 surround sound system allows for the use of 5 natural speakers, assisted with a singular subwoofer for bass frequency reproduction. With Dolby Atmos & DTS:X, the extra overhead speakers are used to fire sound in a downward firing motion, centralizing the sound field, and creating a full 3 dimensional dome of sound.


The flexibility of Dolby Atmos means the possibilities are almost endless, with the system being capable of up mixing even older style Blu-Ray & DVD movies for an Atmos experience. The unique difference with Dolby Atmos is sound from overhead and all around you. Speaker in this configuration are used to reflect sound for dispersion, and expertly positioned overhead speakers allow for the listener to experience the action exactly as Hollywood intended it.





Using the state of the art Yamaha CXA5100 Pre Amp processor, and the robust Yamaha MXA5000 Power Amp you will experience a lifelike cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. The CXA5100 offers precision and smoothness in its reproduction of sound. The separation of the pre-amp stage, and power amp allows for less distortion and electrical interference throughout your home theatre, creating a realistic, organic atmosphere. Assisted with the Jamo D600 THX certified series speakers, the imaging of your home theatre is promised to be precise and accurate to the standard of a commercial grade theatre.

Provided in this package is full installation, speaker cable, interconnects, tuition and labour warranty from qualified Audio / Visual Technicians. Included in this package is the elegant & comfortable Manhattan Home Theatre Seats. Configuration 420 is a 4 seat design, with customisation options available upon request.



Comfort 420


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Package Includes:

***Full Installation, Speaker Cable, Interconnects, Speaker & Projector ISF Calibration, Full Manufacturer & Labour Warranty Included***


Ceiling Mount
Wall Plates, etc
10m hdmi cable
50m of Premium Speaker Cable
Professional Installation
3 Year Labour Warranty 


***Condition Apply***

  • Must be a residential property.
  • All wall must be standard, and not brick or concrete.
  • Suitable roof access must be available on a single storey property.
  • Access to the propety must be free from any hazards or obstacles for the safety of the technician.
  • Anything outside the above parameters may incur additional labour or components fees.






The Epson TW9300 projector is a THX, and ISF certified projector that offers the most life like images on the market, with deep black levels, exceptional resolution, contrast, colour gamut and signal processing; adhering to the high standard set by THX.


Plat Image


Included in this package is a custom made acoustic transparent screen that is designed based upon the design and room configuration of your home theatre. Our professional ISF certified calibrator will digitally design a perfectly suited acoustic transparent screen, including a custom made baffle wall for the LCR loudspeakers included in this home theatre package. This custom made screen can range between the size of 110” – 140” in design, and will vary depending on the design and layout of the media room being utilized.










The Yamaha CXA5100 & MXA5000 Pre-Amp / Power Amp combination is Yamahas flagship series AVR combination unit. With a powerful 11.2 channel configuration, the CXA/MXA combo offers XLR connections for premium, balanced interconnectivity between the two units, with the flexibility to use RCA’s as well. This premium device offers the latest Dolby Atmos & DTS: X formats with an audiophile grade ESS 9016 DAC for all channels, and a massive 280W per channel (6 ohms, 1 kHz, 10 % THD, 1 ch driven, JEITA). Offering advanced HDMI Zone switching, as well as HDCP 2.2 Input & outputs for proper 4K compatibility, the flagship CXA5100 & MXA5000 combo offers premium quality audio performance for movies and music alike. With Music Cast, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built into the unit, streaming is seamless, and easily controlled from the free Yamaha apps downloadable from either the Google Play, or Apple App store. This flagship AVR is the most flexible and versatile amplifier on the market; achieving overwhelming sound performance with high dynamic range, this Yamaha amp allows for deep resonance that truly immerses the listener on a full 11.2 channel capability.


7.1 - Zone 2 Off

With Spotify & Pandora built into the unit itself, wireless streaming is easy using the Music Cast or Yamaha AV Controller app; which is a free download from the Google Play, or Apple App store.

Networking RXAS710

Offering a phono input for vinyl playback, the Yamaha RXV2081 offers a fantastic sound stage in audio performance, suitable both for music playback and surround sound. This amplifier offers excellent flexibility from when designing a house on a multi-platform level.

Features RXA850


















The Jamo D600 LCR and surround speakers are a THX certified loudspeaker, ideal for a proper commercial grade cinema performance, suitable for a home theatre environment. The D600 loudspeaker adheres to the proper theatre grade standards set by THX. With the D600’s elegant and sleek design, this loudspeaker is perfectly suited for home theatre that blends impeccably into the interiors of any modern home. The driver used in the D600 are identical to those used in the matching surround speakers, maintaining a perfect balance throughout the home theatre system.


















The Niles Directional Sound series are the ideal in-ceiling loudspeaker to use in your home theatre environment. Due their ability to pivot the speaker driver, rather than just the tweeter, the Niles DS speakers allow the sound field to be directed to the listener, rather than the floor. This creates a proper 3 dimensional sound space, ideal for home theatre; encapsulating the listener and creating a full 5.1.4 surround sound experience.


Included are the Niles 8″ directional enclosures which reduce the amount of bleed that can traverse into other rooms of the house when using in-ceiling speakers. Using these enclosures help create a fuller sound and tighter response, creating a cabinet around the loudspeaker and thus isolating the sound output.









If you haven’t got a subwoofer that’s at least 1000W of amplifier power, you don’t have a HRS Sunfire subwoofer. This front firing subwoofer handles bass frequencies effortlessly, dropping as low as 18Hz, suitable for medium to large scale media rooms. The design of the HRS subwoofers are sleek, and blend seamlessly into any room. This subwoofer packs more than a punch; it handles bass frequencies smoothly, with a level of control, unsurpassed by many subwoofers at this level.


This pack includes Full Installation for a 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos / DTS:X Home Theatre System; with Speaker Cables, Interconnects, Projector and appropriate Mounting Kit, and Fixed Screen Fitting.





This package also includes a state of the art, ISF Certified Calibration Service from a Level II accredited technician. This service ensures that you are getting the absolute best picture quality available from your projector, based on the configuration and size of the room. This service involves several hours of work after 100 Hours of system use, to which we will arrange a time for the technician to come out on site and adjust gamma, contrast, hue and brightness output levels, as well as configure sound pressure levels from the Home Theatre System, once the speakers & projector have had the necessary ‘run-in’ time.


Please send through your building plans if you are unsure if your Media Room will suit this package, as we can consult, and guide you over the phone.


Bear in mind that this package does NOT include additional extras such as Multi-Room Audio Zoning, Blu-Ray Players, or Custom Designed Configurations, or Home Automation; however, we can provide a solution for these requirements if advised in advance.


Please advise if you require further assistance in the design of your home theatre, multiroom audio, or video distribution services in your new, or existing home.


We can personalize your home theatre quote by request, and cater a solution to suit your needs; once building plans have been sent through to