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Home Theatre Automation


The Future Of Automation

Are you building a new home or considering renovating? If YES, then, it’s the perfect time to prepare for home theatre automation or integrated (structured wiring) AV.

Structured pre-wiring for AV can dramatically reduce costs, compared to retrofitting the wiring years later. Depending on your requirements, it might be worth considering structured wiring including data with your audio visual systems. Wire is relatively cheap, so it is best to plan well in advance and try to pre-wire for any requirements you may have in the future.

Universal Home Theatre’s approach to automation generally, is to group two coaxial connections and two Ethernet data/telephone connections at each access point and on a single wall plate. We would then bring all of the connections back to a central cabinet or cupboard. This allows for a central hub to manage and maintain the interconnections between rooms and also provides a place to centrally store all of the digital content. The placement of a server and or storage device at the hub means that each member of the family can access any of the digitally stored content in any connected room via a networked media player or media center PC. Essentially, you’ll be able to control all your home theatre components with the touch of ONE button.

Home theatre automation makes everything easier to manage and easily protects your equipment from power surges. It’s also a much neater way of distributing your content as it removes the need for Blu-Ray players and amplifiers to be visible in your rooms.

New construction allows for an optimal design of your home theatre because we are able to place speakers within your room in the correct positions. This can have a tremendous effect on the overall sound quality and impact of a movie viewing experience. Being able to design a home theatre from scratch allows not only for correct speaker positioning but also for an opportunity to include sound proofing and treatment.

In summary, structured pre-wiring your home for audio visual, home automation or networked multimedia is less expensive than retrofitting. Take the time to consider how you will use your new home and we will recommend the best system to suit your needs and your budget. For more information on our home theatre automation services, don’t hesitate to give us a ring now, or alternatively, fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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Our range of products are often sold far below the RRP of most electrical hardware to accommodate for the home theatre service.

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