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Home theatre room gets the full acoustic treatment, with star ceiling & karaoke

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Stage 1

Stage 2

This client initially only wanted a tv wall-mounted in this room, but after chatting through their project they opted to expand the project to include:

  • A custom starlight ceiling
  • Acoustic panels and fabric walls to improve the soundstage in the room
  • A karaoke system, (Bose Karaoke system with AceSonic Touchscreen Chinese Karaoke) as a stand alone feature from the home theatre system
  • 7.1 surround system with Origin Acoustics in-ceiling fronts and over head in-ceiling rears, a Velodyne Impact 12” subwoofer

The space we had to work with had generous dimensions of approximately 4.4m wide x 5.4m deep.

Let’s take a closer look at this home theatre installation project, and how it all came together!

Gear highlights of this installation…

Custom starlight ceiling

Our custom starlight ceiling installations use fibre optic filaments to create the effect of the night sky. This creates a variety of star constellations and inspiring visual effects on your ceiling – and it can even be integrated so you can control it via your home automation setup. Unlike using prefabricated panels which are a plug & play installation, a custom star ceiling is more labour intensive – but you get a much more realistic and natural looking night sky!

The secret is to measure up the room and work out how many stars (fibres) are going to work in the space. The outcome is always amazing and adds that extra WOW factor to any home cinema room! The client can also customise the colour of the stars when they fire up the karaoke machine, so the mood matches the tunes!

As a finishing touch we also added LED strip lights just above the star ceiling as perimeter lighting which can easily be controlled via an iPad or home automation software.

Slat acoustics, fabric walls and curtains = acoustic treatment

After chatting with the client they wanted to optimise the sound in this home theatre room, and we advised slat acoustics, fabric walls and curtains. The fabric acoustical walls (in onyx) and the walls and bulkhead (in Dulux monument) were chosen to give the room a dark sophisticated atmosphere.

The extensive acoustic treatment in the room works to improve the soundstage of the room, it also prevents sound entering other parts of the home and disturbing anyone. Sound from your speakers travels in waves or vibrations through the air, which then bounce off any surfaces in the room. These surfaces include the walls, floor, ceiling, windows and even the furniture.

Acoustic panels and fabric walls are two ways of helping to reduce this effect – and because they are low profile they are easily integrated into any home. Acoustic panels are made from foam or fabric, which helps to minimise reverberations and echo in smaller spaces that lead to unclear and muddied sound. They do this by soaking up sound waves and stopping them bouncing around a room. The curtains along one wall do the same job, add colour and soften the space by reducing the amount of exposed walls.

Home Theatre Installation: We do all the work ourselves!

What makes us different is that we do all the work ourselves, taking into account your needs, lifestyle and budget.

This can involve structural works – which depending on your project could include:

  • Blocking in walls
  • Building bulkheads
  • Building steps ups and platforms
  • Carpet (supply and installation)
  • Curtains and blinds (supply and installation)
  • Electrical (lighting and powerpoint installation)
  • Seating and custom (supply and install)
  • Custom cabinetry (design, supply and installation).

We also advise and supply which components suit your space, including leading AV brands such as Epson, Sonos, Denon, Origin Acoustics, Velodyne, B&W, Yamaha Aventage, Optoma, RTI, Samsung, LG, Sony and BenQ.

Why not browse some of our recent projects to see what we are capable of.

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