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Acoustic Excellence: Garage Conversion with Home Office and Fabric Walls

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For this project we converted a single garage ( 6500mm x 4000mm), into a sizeable, spacious 7-seat home cinema. The scope of work included insulation, gyprocking, painting, carpeting, cabling and a comprehensive system fitout. This included fabric walls to enhance the acoustics in the room, with wall-mounted LED light strips for visibility.


We also constructed an office space behind the home cinema, complete with custom cabinetry and a stone benchtop. This involved framing out a wall, installing a door, and carpeting the floor to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace. The client also required installation of a split system air conditioning unit.


Product selection

For this installation we supplied and fitted the following components:


Epson LS12000 Laser projector
Helsyn 120” Acoustically Transparent screen
Apple TV
4K Blu Ray player


Denon AVC-X4800H 9.4ch 8K AV Receiver
Origin Acoustics LCR69 – in-wall fronts x 3
Origin Acoustics Director C65 in-wall rear speakers x 4
Origin Acoustics Director D81 in-ceiling Atmos speakers
2 x Velodyne Impact 10″ Subwoofer


Black Polyurethane custom cabinetry
Room fully carpeted
Manhattan Hudson leather seating x 2 rows. 1 row, of 4 seats and 1 row of 3
Fabric walls acoustic system
LED in-wall lighting
4 x downlights and wall lights

Ubiquiti Wifi system throughout the home.

The Build: From design to fitout

We pride ourselves in taking care of all aspects of a project, from the design to fitout. Steps in the process for this job included:

  • Initial site consultation and measure up.
  • Design, including a 3D rendering design of the room shared with the client.
  • Site works begin, including framing, insulating, gyprocking, cabling, cabinetry and painting.
  • Carpet install, fit off and installation of AV equipment.
  • Testing and calibration.
  • Handover to client.

3D rendering of the room design is created detailing all aspects of the build.


The portion of the 3 car garage set aside for the home cinema conversion


Framing, gyrocking and elevated seating platform takes shape.


Gyprock and wiring/cabling complete, ready for painting carpet, seating and AV/hardware installation.


The finished room, with cinema style seating, projector screen and LED wall lighting.

Unique project elements: Fabric wall acoustic treatment


Carpeting, fabric and slat acoustic wall treatment.


Acoustic wall treatment, home cinema style seating and integrated LED wall strips.

To make sure this space had the best sound quality possible we installed fabric walls and slat acoustic panels. These are known as acoustic treatment, which help to absorb sound waves and prevent them from bouncing around a room and causing distortion. Carpet can also help the acoustics of a room.

Fabric walls are installed where large areas need treatment, like when floor-to-ceiling coverage is required. It consists of a perforated acoustic fabric stretched between parallel tracks, sometimes with a foam polyester fibre or fibreglass backing. This improves the sound quality of your room by reducing unwanted echoes and reverberations that can make sound unclear and muddy. The benefits of acoustic treatment are:

  • Speech and dialogue are clear and easy to understand.
  • Bass sounds are not too boomy.
  • Improved overall soundstage.

Home office space with custom cabinetry.

Key results

Key results include the successful conversion of a garage into a multi-functional space, accommodating a custom home/office alongside a 7-seat cinema. Our comprehensive building works ensured quality finishes throughout including the acoustic treatment of the space for optimal audio quality and an immersive viewing experience for the client.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Client testimonial

Andy and his team’s honesty, integrity and care were all hallmarks of their character. Andy’s communication was great throughout the process, always returning messages, emails or calls promptly. The overall quality of the work was excellent, as was his advice on our home theatre and study. His relaxed, friendly manner was greatly appreciated, as was his technical knowledge. He was happy to meet multiple times, allowing us the time and space to work through approaches and suggestions, and was patient whilst we worked through our decision making processes. We absolutely recommend Andy and his team at Universal Home Theatre and would definitely engage his services again in the future.

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