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From Lounge to Luxury 11-Seat Dolby Atmos Home Theatre With Star Ceiling + Perfect Acoustics

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For this project, we converted a large existing room that was used as a lounge (8m x 4m), into a spacious 11-seat home cinema. The scope of work was for a 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos home theatre system, an acoustically transparent screen with acoustic fabric walls and a 750 fibre star ceiling. Along with this, the customer wanted to have 3 rows of seating and the room carpeted which was all completed by our team.


Let’s first look at fabric walls, and how they help improve sound quality in a home theatre space.

What are fabric walls?


Fabric panels being installed


Installing the acoustic fabric walls.


Fabric walls are installed where large areas need an acoustic treatment, like when floor-to-ceiling coverage is needed. It usually consists of a perforated acoustic fabric stretched between parallel tracks, sometimes with a foam polyester fibre or fibreglass backing.

Fabric walls are designed to absorb sound and minimise sound waves from bouncing around your room. This helps to minimise reverberations and echo in smaller spaces that lead to unclear and muddied sound. They are usually installed as individual panels or larger sections that cover an entire wall. In this space we opted for fabric walls over the side walls.

The benefits of this type of this acoustic treatment are:

  • Speech and dialogue are clear and easy to understand.
  • Bass sounds are not too boomy.
  • Improved overall soundstage.

One thing to look for when installing acoustic panels or fabric walls is the NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating. This is a measure of how much sound it can absorb. For example a NRC rating of .80 means that the panel will absorb 80% of the sound it is exposed to.

Product selection

For this installation we supplied and fitted the following components:


  • Epson LS12000 laser projector
  • Helsyn 130” acoustically transparent screen
  • Apple TV

The Helsyn 130 inch acoustically transparent screen solves a common problem. Traditional screens block speakers in-wall speakers installed behind them, muffling the sound. This screen’s fabric weave allows sound to pass through it, so the speakers can deliver crisp dialogue and immersive effects without sacrificing the big picture on the 130-inch display. It also means sound does not bounce off the screen and muddy the soundstage.


  • Denon AVC-X4800H 9.4ch 8K AV receiver
  • Origin Acoustics LCR67 in-wall front speakers x 3
  • Origin Acoustics Director C65 in-wall rear speakers x 2
  • Origin Acoustics Director D81 in-ceiling Dolby Atmos speakers
  • 2 x Velodyne Impact 10″ subwoofers

In-wall speaker installation.


Twin subwoofers


  • Room fully carpeted
  • Please note this seating supplied by the customer.
  • Fabric walls acoustic system
  • 6x black downlights
  • Room painted

We also installed a star ceiling. For this job we install the fibres individually by drilling the tiny holes into the ceiling, followed by threading all the fibres through. Our painter then comes through and sprays the ceiling surface black, which also helps to hold the fibres in place. Final step is to trim all the fibres back and connect the electrical wiring.

Why Universal Home Theatre?

We are a one-stop-shop – which means we take care of everything, from the design, supply of AV components to the installation, including all structural works. Depending on your project this could include blocking in walls, building bulkheads and building step ups and platforms – as well as installing all the hardware, cabling and software – for a full home cinema experience. No job is too big or small…

We also don’t subcontract any work out, so your project won’t get delayed – and we have full quality control over all the workmanship!

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Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Client testimonial

Andy and his team’s honesty, integrity and care were all hallmarks of their character. Andy’s communication was great throughout the process, always returning messages, emails or calls promptly. The overall quality of the work was excellent, as was his advice on our home theatre and study. His relaxed, friendly manner was greatly appreciated, as was his technical knowledge. He was happy to meet multiple times, allowing us the time and space to work through approaches and suggestions, and was patient whilst we worked through our decision making processes. We absolutely recommend Andy and his team at Universal Home Theatre and would definitely engage his services again in the future.

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