Dolby Atmos

This Universal Home Theatre Package offers customers a fully discreet 5.1.2, Dolby Atmos Home Theatre System, THX & ISF certified Epson TW9300 projector, and 110” fixed frame projector screen, alongside specialist in-ceiling, directional speakers that offer optimum performance when looking to keep your home theatre aesthetically neat, but experience the full fidelity Hollywood intended you to experience at home. Working alongside the premium Yamaha RXV1081 AV receiver, the Jamo LCR & dts-x-logoSurround Speakers, with directional Niles In-Ceiling Overhead speakers, this system offers precise and accurate directionality of sound in comparison to your standard system set ups. By inquiry, we can also provide Manhattan Home Theatre Seating



Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 Configuration

Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 Configuration




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Package Includes:


***Full Installation, Speaker Cable, Interconnects, Speaker & Projector ISF Calibration, Full Manufacturer & Labour Warranty Included***


Ceiling Mount
Wall Plates, etc
10m hdmi cable
50m of Premium Speaker Cable
Professional Installation
3 Year Labour Warranty 


***Condition Apply***

  • Must be a residential property.
  • All wall must be standard, and not brick or concrete.
  • Suitable roof access must be available on a single storey property.
  • Access to the propety must be free from any hazards or obstacles for the safety of the technician.
  • Anything outside the above parameters may incur additional labour or components fees.



epson-eh-tw9300The Epson TW9300 projector is a THX, and ISF certified projector that offers the most life like images on the market, with deep black levels, exceptional resolution, contrast, colour gamut and signal processing; adhering to the high standard set by THX.







The Yamaha RXA1060 is a fantatic Dolby Atmos amplifier from the Yamaha’s flagship Aventage range. Offering premium level AVR performance and utilizing Yamahas Anti Resonance Wedge design; ensuring amplifier vibrations do not affect sound quality, the RXA1060 offers 5.2.2 channels of surround sound with proper Zone 2 audio out, and Zone B video features to play HDMI simultaneously in another room.



7.1 - Zone 2 Off



With Spotify & Pandora built into the unit itself, wireless streaming is easy using the Music Cast or Yamaha AV Controller app; which is a free download from the Google Play, or Apple App store.


Networking RXAS710


Offering a phono input for vinyl playback, the Yamaha RXV1081 offers a fantastic sound stage in audio performance, suitable both for music playback and surround sound. This amplifier offers excellent flexibility from when designing a house on a multi-platform level.

Features RXA850
























The IW626LCR is part of the 600 line of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. It’s a 3-way in-wall LCR speaker that uses the best materials and the most advanced technologies available.

It’s designed to perform as left/right front and center channel in a phenomenal sounding home theater or 2-channel system. The two fiberglass/cotton honeycomb woofers provide great low frequency sound, while the silk dome tweeter and midrange provide optimal performance. With its paintable magnetic grille, the IW626LCR is designed to blend seamlessly so all you notice is the great sound.

IW606SUR FG is an in-wall miracle. This potent 3-way speaker is the ultimate addition to any surround system. As a true 600 Custom series product, it also features a bipole/dipole switch for optimum adjustment to DTS or Dolby surround encoding.

The speaker’s plastic “bridge” makes installation very easy as you can safely use this as a handle leaving your other hand free for holding a drill, screwdriver etc. The speaker is a one-piece item which means that you only need to make one visit to the customer to mount it.

Jamo IW606SUR FG features a 3-way design, with a 6.5″ woofer, two 3.5″ midranges and two 1″ DTT silk dome tweeters for a big surround sound experience

Handling bass frequencies is an effortless task for the Jamo J10 subwoofer. With its aluminised polyfiber woofer, low frequencies are handled at a peak performance, with minimal distortion levels. Its front firing design, and powerful digital amplifier; peaking at an impressive 300W of power, the Jamo J10 delivers a clean and accurate bass response perfect for home theatre and music.J10B_no.grill_angle

The Niles Directional Sound series are the ideal in-ceiling loudspeaker to use in your home theatre environment. Due their ability to pivot the speaker driver, rather than just the tweeter, the Niles DS speakers allow the sound field to be directed to the listener, rather than the floor.



When using in-ceiling rear speakers, you cannot go past the DSFX range from Niles. Specifically designed to be rear loudspeakers with their bipole/dipole design, the DS7FX speakers have an integrated baffle/frame design that allows for a deeper bass response from competing in-ceiling loudspeakers of the same diameter. Sold as a pair, these speakers work wonders in any home theatre environment, but can be enhanced further with the addition of the Niles Rear Enclosures, which are sold separately. These enclosures can also be used with the high definition DSFX loudspeakers included in this package.



This pack includes Full Installation for a 5.1.2 Home Theatre System; with Speaker Cables, Interconnects, Projector and appropriate Mounting Kit, and Fixed Screen Fitting.




This package also includes a state of the art, ISF Certified Calibration Service from a Level II accredited technician. This service ensures that you are getting the absolute best picture quality available from your projector, based on the configuration and size of the room. This service involves several hours of work after 100 Hours of system use, to which we will arrange a time for the technician to come out on site and adjust gamma, contrast, hue and brightness output levels, as well as configure sound pressure levels from the Home Theatre System, once the speakers & projector have had the necessary ‘run-in’ time.


Please send through your building plans if you are unsure if your Media Room will suit this package, as we can consult, and guide you over the phone.


Bear in mind that this package does NOT include additional extras such as Multi-Room Audio Zoning, Blu-Ray Players, or Custom Designed Configurations, or Home Automation; however, we can provide a solution for these requirements if advised in advance.


Please advise if you require further assistance in the design of your home theatre, multiroom audio, or video distribution services in your new, or existing home.


We can personalize your home theatre quote by request, and cater a solution to suit your needs; once building plans have been sent through to