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Standard Seating

Comfort Series

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  • Full Electric Recline
  • Top Grain Leather Fronts, faux leather on back and sides
  • Blue backlit button with USB
  • Choose your leather, stitching and cup holder colours (no extra charge)

The Hudson – New Range

Hudson pair
Hudson single side on
  • Full Electric Recline
  • Top Grain Leather Fronts, faux leather on back and sides
  • Blue backlit button with USB
  • Choose your leather, stitching and cup holder colours (no extra charge)
  • Dual Motor – footrest and headrest
  • Tray table optional
  • Armrest storage

Premium Seating

Brooklyn Pro

  • Full Electric Recline
  • Premium Seat Construction – 5 year commercial warranty
  • Microfiber Leather Fronts, faux leather on back and sides
  • Blue backlit button with USBv
  • Choose your leather, stitching, and cup holder colours (no extra charge)
  • Dual Motor – footrest and headrest

New Yorker Pro

  • Full Electric Recline
  • Motorised Headrest
  • Top Grain Leather Fronts, faux leather on back and sides
  • Premium Seat Construction – 5 year commercial warranty
  • Blue backlit button with high-speed USB charging
  • Choose your leather, stitching, and cup holder colours (no extra charge)
  • Dual Motor – footrest and headrest

Home theatre seating: Elevate your home theatre experience with custom cinema chairs

Are you looking to take your home theatre to the next level? What you need is a luxurious custom-built home theatre lounge!

Your home theatre is all about convenience and comfort, including your home theatre chairs.

If you’re looking for the best home theatre seating and recliners to complete your setup, our team is here for you. In addition to our home automation, TV mounting and installation services, we can help you find comfortable, ergonomically designed home theatre chairs and install them in your space to complete your theatre lounge.

Whether you’re after industry-leading theatre chairs with all the bells and whistles or you want to enjoy the vintage vibe of old-school cinema seats, we’ve got the seating solutions for you. Call us today on 1800 144 199 or book an appointment on our site and let’s talk about installing home theatre seats in your lounge.

Seating styles for every taste

No home theatre is complete without suitable cinema chairs — we’re talking comfy, stylish and ergonomically designed seats that will make your next movie night unforgettable. Choosing the proper home theatre seating can feel overwhelming, but at Universal Home Theatre, we make it easy.

Our theatre chairs come in two categories:

  • Purpose-built, luxurious theatre recliners with fabulous features, including footrests, drink holders, trays and more.
  • Vintage cinema chairs with undeniable charm that will add instant ambience to your space.

Second-hand vintage chairs offer charming aesthetics, while our meticulously designed theatre recliners provide extreme comfort and convenience for an epic viewing experience.

Best of all? We source state-of-the-art materials and parts from around the globe and design our home theatre solutions right here in Australia, so we can guarantee the look, feel and functionality you want.

Bespoke home theatre sofa seating in Australia

All of our theatre chairs are truly custom creations. Designed with love, care and attention, our custom theatre lounge solutions are made with your taste, needs and budget in mind. When you work with us, you can enjoy:

  • Exceptionally high-quality, Australian-designed chairs.
  • A comprehensive 5-year warranty on all seating.
  • Power reclining — a standard on all models for optimal comfort levels.
  • Motion effects system, if desired.
  • Attractive, ergonomic designs that hug your walls for maximum space efficiency.

Features of our home theatre seating include:

Premium Motorised Recliner

All our chairs feature a premium motorised recliner mechanism as their foundation,

providing a sturdy base for the chair to be built on. What’s more, they come with our ultra quiet ‘Stealth’ motor, barely audible even in a quiet cinema room. Power recline offers huge advantage in that the chair stays put at the angle you choose, if you shift your weight the chair won’t budge.

Solid Timber Quality Frame

The frame is perhaps the most important component to provide a long lasting chair. Ours are hand made by skilled carpenters to ensure the best fit and finish, especially important in long rows. Using a solid wood frame will ensure many years of sturdy use. Our consoles are all wood construction and every little detail has been thought through, even to the point where the storage compartment lid uses soft close hinges to stop it from slamming.

Pocket Sprung Seat Base

Comfort is really important to us. Like the best beds on the market, we have adopted a market leading ‘pocket spring’ seat base, with each coil is in its own enclosure, providing ultimate stability across the seat. The pocket springs are sandwiched between two layers of high- ‐density foam. The whole base is then wrapped in an ultra‐breathable cloth to allow airflow and easy drying for any spills. Of course, we don’t stop there, the backrest and headrests are ultra plush. The armrests are positioned to allow for support and relaxation. We feel the ultimate test is to watch our client’s expressions when they first sit in one of our home cinema chairs–almost always a smile from ear to ear.

Top Grain Leather Or Suede

We only use top grain leather, no mid grade, no reconstituted, only the best, everywhere you touch. Leather is a great product for a cinema chair with a fantastic texture and softness, as well as being easy to clean. Of course, we also offer suede fabric finishes too, especially popular for those living in colder climates, providing a more natural warmth as well as a more affordable price. Our stitch work comes as standard colour-matched to your chairs, but we offer contrast stitching as a no-cost option. Some client favourites are red on black, white on black and black on white. Just another way you can personalise your chairs.

Why not browse our showroom page and get inspired by the home theatre seating our clients have installed.

Why Choose Us for Your Home Theatre Seating in Australia

Need some reasons to hire us? Partner with us for your home theatre seating for:

  • A one-stop-shop where we take care of everything, from the design, supply of AV components to the installation of your seating, including any structural works.
  • The best installers in the business, with qualified, experienced and licensed home theatre staff who can bring all the elements of your project together.
  • Friendly, meticulous and prompt service from our technicians in your home or premises.
  • Flexible installation dates and time to suit your lifestyle and schedule

Give us a call today on 1800 144 199 to chat about your home theatre seating needs, and transform your viewing experience.



What is theatre-style seating?

Theatre seating is a fancy way of saying that all the chairs in the space face the same direction — in this case, your in-home theatre screen. Some of the hallmarks of this style are multiple rows of chairs and highly comfy seats (or sofas) with armrests, cup holders or other extra features that make them stand out from traditional chairs and couches.

How wide is a home theatre seat?

Theatre seats vary according to the manufacturer and even according to your taste. But a good rule of thumb is to look for seats around approximately 86cm long from arm to arm to allow maximum comfort and the best use of space.

How many cinema seats are in a row?

Most home theatres require more than one seat, which is when rows of chairs come in handy. Rows generally have two to three seats, though you may be able to install longer rows depending on the size of your room, the size of the chairs and the configuration of the seats.

How far apart should home theatre seats be?

It’s fine if your theatre seats share an armrest, but you’ll want to ensure enough space between rows to maximise the audience’s comfort. We recommend about 50cm between each row to allow for easy movement. However, if you opt for reclining cinema seats, you may want to increase the distance between rows to allow for the added length of the footrest.

Are theatre chairs comfortable?

Yes! The whole point of in-home theatre seating is to provide you with comfy, plush seating that will allow you to enjoy your movie in complete comfort and style. Our theatre lounge chairs, for example, are made from luxurious leather and faux leather, can recline, sport comfortable head and armrests and come with a pocket spring seat base that’s both plush and easy to care for.

What should I look for in a home theatre seat?

Everyone will have different needs, tastes, ideas and budgets regarding home theatre seating. A few key considerations you should keep in mind when choosing your cinema chairs are:

  • Size and number — How many seats are you hoping to fit in your home theatre? Consider the size of the seats, and remember that you’ll need large seats to lend some comfort to your movie night, but not so large that they dominate your space and make it difficult to get around.
  • Aesthetics — The look is almost as important as the feel of your chair. Be sure to think about how you want the chairs to look in the space, and also consider what different materials will look like. Leather and faux leather are popular seating choices — not only for their luxurious appearance but also for their durability.
  • Comfort — Second-hand vintage chairs look amazing and can create an authentic cinematic vibe in your space. However, if you want to watch in fabulous comfort, you may want to look into custom-made chairs.
  • Extra functions — Why opt for a boring old chair in your theatre when you could have some of the best theatre recliners in Australia? Optional extras such as cup holders, storage, recline or massage functions, USB ports and tray tables can elevate your movie experience.
  • Type of seat — Be sure to consider what type of seating arrangement you’re looking for. A row of single chairs? Loveseats? Sofas? Multiple rows on risers? Curved rows? Your taste and space are unique — let us help you find the perfect chair configuration for your needs!

Can the home theatre seats be integrated with smart home systems?

While home theatre seats themselves may not directly integrate with smart home systems, Universal Home Theatre specialises in other components that can. They offer home automation solutions that can enhance your overall home theatre experience, incorporating elements like lighting and audio-visual equipment into a seamless, smart home environment.

Is there a variety of design aesthetics available to match different interior decors?

Yes, Universal Home Theatre offers a variety of design aesthetics to complement your interior decor. Their home theatre chairs are designed to suit a range of tastes and styles, ensuring your home cinema not only functions brilliantly but also looks fantastic and aligns with your personal style.

How can I maintain my home theatre seating?

Maintaining your home theatre seating involves regular cleaning and care to ensure longevity. It’s recommended to gently vacuum the seating to remove dust and debris and use appropriate cleaners for different materials, such as leather or fabric. Avoiding direct sunlight and sharp objects can also prolong the life of your home theatre seats.

Can the seating be upgraded or modified after installation?

Yes, Universal Home Theatre offers the flexibility to upgrade or modify your home theatre seating after installation. Whether you wish to add more features, adjust the layout or enhance comfort, we can accommodate your needs. This allows for a tailored home cinema experience that can evolve with your preferences or advancements in home theatre technology.

What other solutions does Universal Home Theatre offer?

We offer a wide range of services to cater to every aspect of home theatre setup. Here are some of the solutions we provide:

  • Home theatre installation — We specialise in home theatre installation in major Australian cities, including Sydney and Brisbane. Our service includes the entire process, from initial design and planning to the installation of all audio-visual equipment. 
  • TV installation — Offering TV installation services in Sydney and Brisbane, Universal Home Theatre ensures your TV is mounted and set up for optimal viewing. We handle various aspects of installation, including wall mounting, calibration and digital TV antenna installation, ensuring the best visual and audio quality for your television.
  • Sound and light installation — Understanding the importance of sound and lighting in a home theatre, we provide specialised services to install custom sound systems and lighting solutions. This includes the installation of products like the Sonos Home Theatre System and innovative starlight ceilings and LED strips to create the perfect ambience for your home cinema.
  • …and more!


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