Video & Audio Calibrations

Why Calibrate
Universal home theatre are the leaders in home theatre design, supply and installation. They turn your room into the ultimate movie theatre for the whole family.
So why calibrate your TV or projector’?
We know you want the BEST picture and sound quality possible to give you a true movie theatre feel.
Your new TV or home theatre projector is set to factory settings. A high contrast to look good under shops lights, and to compete against the other TV’s on show. The purpose of video calibration is to align all factory user controls to their optimal performance and their full potential in your new UNIVERSAL HOME THEATRE. Trained technicians use specialised audio and video equipment. The process takes 2-3 hours, and can also reduce your energy costs and protect your investment. One of the biggest misconceptions about video calibration is the setting of colour, we’re often told to adjust the skin tones until they look right. The problem is every one has different skin tones. If skin tones are the reference, what about all the other colours?
There are 3 primary colour colours, red green and blue. We this it a step further by including seconds colours, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Then we compare that to our tertiary colour grey.
Your home theatre is comprised of two systems, video and audio. Audio is 50% of the motion picture experience. It needs to be calibrated as well as your video. A sound pressure level meter should be used. A sound pressure level meter acoustically measures each speaker to bring the level of each speaker to the correct reference level. So, why should you get your home theatre and TV professionally configured and calibrated? Because you bought the best…. you deserve the best! Universal home theatre… Best in theatre design, supply installation and calibration.
All projector systems sold with universal home theatre come standard with calibration and if wanting to purchase calibration separately packages start at $550

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