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TV Calibration

TV calibration in Sydney: Professional video & audio calibration for your home theatre equipment

Are you looking for calibration services in Australia? You’ve come to the right place!

Get the most out of your AV equipment with professional on-site calibration services from the professionals here at Universal Home Theatre. Our TV and audio calibration services will help you get the right look (i.e., clarity, the right skin tones and a sharp picture) and sound from your home theatre equipment to ensure that everything you watch or play looks and sounds fantastic.

Want to upgrade your home theatre even more? Ask us about our home automation, TV mounting and cinema seating services.

What is video calibration?

Our professional techs will use special calibration tools to optimise your video and audio equipment during installation.

When you buy a new screen, it comes configured with factory or display settings that may not be ideal for your space. Our TV calibration services include adjusting the contrast, brightness, sharpness, colour, tint, backlight and other functions on your screen to ensure the best viewing experience.

As we calibrate your TV, we use our years of experience and professional equipment to surpass the ISF calibration industry standard. That means that we not only match primary colours (red, green and blue), but we also match secondary colours (cyan, magenta and yellow) and adjust the grayscale to create a highly realistic and lifelike colour reproduction.

What is audio calibration?

Audio is one of home theatre’s most often ignored elements — a pity since audio is half of the cinema experience. Like TV calibration, our audio calibration services help your audio sound incredible.

We use hardware and software to set the frequencies of each speaker so that they provide a full range of sound. We also use sound pressure level (SPL) metres to measure each speaker’s volume at various distances to optimise speaker placement.Our audio and video calibration services take roughly 2-3 hours from start to finish depending on the number of AV devices in your theatre.


How can I make my home theatre sound quality better?

Hiring a professional video and audio calibration service isn’t the only way to make your home theatre look and sound better. You can also try adding padding, acoustic wall panels or carpeting to the room to keep sound from escaping or being obstructed before it reaches you.

Don’t want to change your space? Try changing your speakers instead. You can angle your front speakers to face your theatre seats and put your centre speaker directly under your screen.

If you’re still not getting the sound you want, you may consider upgrading your cables or the sound system itself. Our team would be happy to help you determine what sound system is best for your space and to help you install it as well — reach out to us today to learn how we can help you improve your home theatre space.

How do I optimise my surround sound?

To ensure that your surround sound is as great as it can be, be sure you’re using the right equipment. A great receiver and high-quality speakers that fit your space are a must-have if you want cinematic sound.

Once you have your equipment, set it up in the right spot for optimal results. You can also try installing wall panels to help insulate your room and increase the acoustics for even more immersive sound.

Alternatively, reach out to Universal Home Theatre and book our on-site calibration services, or learn more about our comprehensive theatre design services and installation assistance.

How do you calibrate a sound system?

You can use a decibel metre for video & audio calibration. Simply follow these steps.

  1. Go to the centre of your home theatre seating.
  2. Set your decibel metre to 70dB or whatever level you like best.
  3. Hold the decibel metre in front of you, pointing towards the ceiling rather than a specific speaker.
  4. Adjust the speaker’s volume in each test zone until you get the right reading on your decibel metre.

If your system is still subpar or if you’d prefer to let the professionals help you achieve stellar sound, be sure to reach out and ask about our calibration services in Sydney.

How do I calibrate my home theatre system?

Most home theatre sound systems come with self-calibration systems to make getting the sound you want easier. However, if you’re still having problems or if you’ve cobbled together your sound system, you may need help with video and audio calibration.

To calibrate your system:

  • Ensure everything is connected.
  • Use a decibel metre or decibel metre app to ensure each speaker is at the ideal volume.
  • Calibrate your subwoofer.
  • Test your system by listening to music or watching a movie.

If you don’t want to calibrate your system, don’t worry. Universal Home Theatre offers TV calibration in Melbourne and Sydney — call to schedule professional calibration services today.

How do I optimise my 5.1 surround sound?

If your home theatre equipment isn’t sounding quite up to snuff, there are several things you can try to get the audio you want.

  1. Don’t reduce the amount of bass your speakers give off, as the bass is one of the most crucial elements that help create a great home theatre sound experience.
  2. Keep your centre speaker high and mid-room.
  3. Choose the right speaker size. Remember that smaller speakers won’t throw sound around, but if they are too large, your speakers will begin to muddle your sound. Be sure to purchase a sound system that fits well with the size of your space.

Utilise professional on-site calibration services to ensure you always get optimal sounds from your system.


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