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So you have decided that you are ready to get a home theatre room – exciting! You know that you need an epic system surrounded by the right decor to transform your empty and bare space into a hub of entertainment for you, family, and friends – now it’s time to decide what home theatre design best suits your needs.

Universal Home Theatre has experience working with a variety of individual styles and different types of spaces.  We understand that each household has its own needs, styles, aspirations, and limitations and that no two rooms are the same. With years of experience in creating custom home theatre designs, we are expertly placed to advise each customer on how best to combine their television, sound system, lighting and decor to produce the best possible effect.

When designing a home theatre room, we love to take individual tastes into account. Some customers want a darkened room where the screen remains the only point of attention. Small and dim theatre style lights can provide just the right amount of illumination, without eliminating the illusion of sitting in an actual theatre. Others want a custom home theatre with well lit, bright and cheery surroundings. Colours of furnishings combined with the best possible use of natural light can create a charming and warm center for entertainment.

Creating the perfect theatre room also requires knowledge of what the room will be used for and who will use it. A custom home cinema for a family with young children will require, shall we say, very robust seating to handle the wear and tear of excited children. Of course, the same quality of furniture may be necessary for testosterone heavy ‘man-cave’ environments also – where lively sports viewing is the ultimate purpose.  Our tailored approach to each and every project ensures you get a room that fits your style and needs but one that will also last through the years.

Other bespoke design options may include raising or lowering the ceiling when possible for added effect, installing led strip lights or night star light ceiling, helping to choose and install the perfect theatre style seating, large couches or bean bags, all designed to accentuate and compliment the rest of the room.

Our expert and friendly staff will work with you to help fashion a setup and decor that meets your wants and needs without blowing a hole in your renovation budget and are always help to advise on difficult design or decor questions.  Most importantly, we understand how to make custom home theatre designs that are both attractive and functional for your family and friends.

Need a little inspiration? Browse our theatre room ideas gallery.  Here we have placed representative images of different home theatre designs that you may like to incorporate in your own home. Of course, these are just a starting point, when you’re ready contact us to make an appointment to start on the journey to your home theatre installation!

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