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Home Theatre Design

No more than a couple of decades ago, the idea of a ‘home theatre’ was an unattainable dream for all but the wealthiest of homeowners in Australia. Thankfully, due to advances in technology and the increasing affordability of high-end audio-visual components, incorporating a dedicated home theatre into your house’s design can now be a reality for many homeowners. Most excitingly, your home theatre need not be a bare bones, ‘cookie-cutter’ one size fits all affair. Our expert designers at Universal Theatre delight in listening to your home theatre vision and making it come to life!

Types Of Home Theatres

Because we pride ourselves in creating installations that are customised to suit our customer’s tastes and preferences, we do not simply offer a few home theatre templates that you must choose from. However, we do offer suggestions on different aspects of your theatre depending on your particular situation and your vision.

Naturally, the components that will be used are an integral part of your home theatre’s design. With over a decade’s experience, we are able to suggest the perfect AV components from your description of what you are envisioning both in terms of performance and aesthetics. This ties in with structural considerations – looking at the room itself, we can suggest the equipment that will give the optimal experience (‘biggest’ and ‘most’ won’t always give the best results here).

Our expertise allows us to excel in another important consideration – speaker and screen placement. Given a home theatre room’s dimensions, proposed layout and particular characteristics, speaker and screen placement have a large effect on the viewing and listening experience. From TV wall mounting and projection screen installation to the installation of speakers whether free-standing or in-wall/ceiling, we take pains to ensure that placement provides the optimal experience for every viewer and listener.

A home theatre isn’t a theatre without seating – and the options we offer here are nearly endless. Our premium seating options include features like designer-quality leather and other fabrics, full electric recline, backlit controls, cupholders and USB ports, plus much more. Built to order, you can even add extra custom features. Our standard seating is excellent as well, offering many of the same features at a surprisingly affordable price point.

While luxurious fine leather seating may suit a home theatre that will be utilised by mature adults and their friends, a family with young children may want to go with a different material which is a bit less susceptible to damage. Individual seating, couches and love seats, and even unorthodox seating choices like oversized bean bags can all be included. For that authentic theatre experience, we can install multi-level, theatre style seating in a number of seating types and configurations.

Highly Customised Home Theatre Design

To make your home theatre truly yours, we are Australia’s most skilled home theatre customisers. If you can dream it, we can build it. From adjustable ceilings that can be raised or lowered to our in-demand LED lighting options and starlight ceilings, we can help you create a décor and provide accessories that will set your home theatre room apart from any other. And while many of us prefer an array of speakers and our large screen on full display, we can also incorporate hidden screens and invisible speakers into your home theatre room design for that sleek look that never fails to impress and amaze visitors.

If you’ve decided to add the ultimate in home entertainment to your home with a dedicated home theatre, contact us today to find out how we can bring your vision to life through our flexible expert home theatre room design. We encourage you to take a look at our home theatre inspiration gallery and further examples of our work for ideas – but at the end of the day, Universal Home Theatre will create a design to fit your special vision.


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Our range of products are often sold far below the RRP of most electrical hardware to accommodate for the home theatre service.

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