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Home theatres used to be the playrooms for the very rich. Not anymore.  As the prices of advanced high definition television sets and sound systems have dropped, more people are turning their spare bedrooms, basements, or other unused spaces into home theatres.

Maybe you have always wanted a home theatre. A place where you and your family can lounge on overstuffed comfy chairs, munch on popcorn, and watch your favourite movies together as a family but just don’t know where to begin.  What setup is involved? What design would be best? What about decor and furniture to create the ultimate cosy space? View our gallery below for some great inspiration ideas to add to your design concepts to help pull together the home theatre room of your dreams.

Perhaps your dreams take you to a more competitive place. You envision a den of sports and masculinity where you and your friends can get together to cheer on your favourite teams or watch the playoffs together. You want an ideal place to seat all of your mates comfortably and also accommodate some celebratory cheering when your favourite team wins the big game.

Coming up with great home theatre room ideas, can be challenging. Universal Home Theatre understands that whilst you may be able to imagine some of what you want, you are not a design expert yourself and so may love a little help and inspiration. You need solid media room ideas and tips on what constitutes the perfect home theatre decor for your needs.

Universal Home Theatre can bring to your home a number of solutions in both audio and visual systems as well as great decor. We can help you transform bare space into a social hub where family and friends will always love to congregate. Check out the gallery of options or consult with our friendly and professional staff to consider how to turn your big, medium or small home theatre room ideas into a masterpiece of design and function.

Ready for the next step?  Find out more about our designing your custom home theatre or contact us today to get started on putting together your new favourite room.

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