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Home Theatre Lighting Installation

Cinema ceiling lights: How to achieve the perfect home theatre lighting with Universal Home Theatre

You’ve got the perfect home theatre seating, and your home audio system is amazing — what else could your in-house cinema need? How about great lighting?

Take your home theatre experience to the next level with LED star ceiling lights that will transform your space into something truly fantastic.

Home theatre star ceilings are a great way to add a luxurious touch to your home at a reasonable cost, and they aren’t just for theatres, either. Starlight ceilings are perfect for gaming rooms, lounges, reception halls, and even bedrooms! These unique ceilings add depth and interest to your space and create a calm, relaxing and otherworldly atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a way to add value to your home and make your favourite spaces even more impressive, our team is here to help with customisable home theatre lighting installation. We work with you to create a look that will wow you and your guests.

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Starlight ceilings and LED strip home theatre lighting

Starlight ceiling installations use fibre optic filaments to create a mesmerising night sky on your ceiling. The gorgeous shimmering constellations are set into a dark background, and you can control the whole thing with your home automation setup.

You can supplement your starlights with LED strip lights and home theatre lighting fixtures that can add ambience and functional lighting to your space without overwhelming your beautiful ceiling. Add these lights to raised platforms and stairs for added safety, visibility and authenticity. Like starlights, you can easily control LED strip lights via an iPad or home automation software.

Home theatre lighting and other installation services

Whether you’re looking for a home cinema star ceiling or elegant seating solutions, our team at Universal Home Theatre is here for you. Our other home theatre services also include:

  • TV wall mounting
  • Video and audio calibration of your TV and speakers
  • Home theatre installation
  • Home theatre automation

Why not browse our showroom page and get inspired by the starlight ceiling and LED strips our clients have installed? Reach out to us today for help designing and installing your dream cinema!

Why choose Universal Home Theatre for home theatre installation?

Theatre room lighting isn’t the only element you need to make your home theatre great — seating is also a significant consideration. At Universal Home Theatres, we can help you with both!

A home theatre isn’t a theatre without seating — and the options we offer here are endless. Our home theatre seating options include features like designer-quality leather and other fabrics, a full electric recline, backlit controls, cup holders and USB ports, plus much more. Built to order, you can even add extra custom features. Our standard seating is also excellent, offering many of the same features at a surprisingly affordable price point.

When you partner with us for cinema seat design, TV wall mounting or home theatre lighting installation, you can enjoy:

  • A one-stop shop where we take care of everything, from the design and supply of AV components to the installation of your seating, including any structural works.
  • The best installers in the business, with qualified, experienced and licensed home theatre staff who can bring all the elements of your project together.
  • Friendly, meticulous and prompt service from our technicians in your home or premises.
  • Flexible installation dates and times to suit your lifestyle and schedule.


How do you light an entertainment room?

Home theatre lighting is a must-have to help prevent eye strain. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to light up your room, and having a variety of lights often creates the perfect place to enjoy your movies, games and shows. Here are some options to consider:

  • Behind the screen — Behind-screen lighting provides a soft ambient glow that helps temper the screen’s brightness. LED strip lighting works great for this purpose.
  • Overhead lighting — Overhead lights work as both ambient lighting and function lighting. You can choose from various light fixtures, including recessed lights, starlights, light strips and more. Regardless of the fixture, opt for dimmable globes for a truly cinematic effect.
  • Lamps — Table and floor lamps can help illuminate small areas and add style to your space. For a fun and funky effect in your game room or theatre, opt for lamps and lights with coloured globes.
  • On the walls — Sconces, pillar lighting and other wall lights are a great way to illuminate your spaces without washing everything out as you might with some overhead lights.
What is the special lighting in home theatres?

Home theatres use a variety of lighting fixtures to achieve that special look, including recessed lighting, sconces and LED light strips. However, one of the lighting options that you won’t often find anywhere other than a theatre is LED star ceiling lights. These gorgeous lighting systems mimic a starry night sky and are great for adding a fun vibe to your space, even if they don’t illuminate much.

Which LED lights are best for home?

LEDs are a great way to bring that genuine theatre feel into your space; they’re functional and fun! LED strip lights are great for bias lighting or illuminating stairs, coves, chairs and more. Sconces can add some great mood lighting. Recessed ceiling lights (especially the dimmable ones) are perfect as both task and ambient lights.

In other words, it’s hard to go wrong with LED lights!

What light is best for a home theatre?

The type of lighting in your space depends on a few factors, such as size, budget and taste. However, most theatres will benefit from dimmable recessed lighting to adjust to suit your needs depending on how you’re using the room. LED can lights are a great option here.

Another great lighting choice for home theatres is LED light strips for bias lighting, safety lighting, mood lighting, cove lighting and more.

Which brand is best for lighting?

You’re investing a lot into your lighting, so naturally, you want to buy only the best. Don’t be discouraged by all the different home theatre lighting options and brands out there, though, because our team is here to help! Our design and installation professionals will help you choose the perfect lighting fixtures from the best brands to ensure your space looks and functions amazingly.


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