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Complete Room Makeover

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The Complete Room Make Over: A Full Suite of Services for Your Interior Space

There are times when tweaks and tune-ups are sufficient. And there are times when a complete overhaul of an interior space is necessary. When the latter time comes, a complete room makeover is what you need to achieve the home theatre solution you are looking for.

But how exactly does this work? And what can you expect from the project? This is what we are going to take a look at right here, to give you the lowdown on what you will gain when you work with us on a project like this.

What the Client Needed from Us

This particular case study begins with a query via the online form. This is a great way to get in touch with us, as you can give us all the details you need and then we will get in touch with you. Each and every element of the project is carried out at your convenience, and there is no charge or obligation attached to the initial query.

In this case, the customer needed their old space stripped, and a full room transformation carried out. This is a big job, with lots of planning required before the execution takes place. Despite this, our team was confident that they could get the job done in only a few days.


However, there was an issue. 

The client’s plan and outline did not, in fact, match their interior space. This caused a hold-up on the project while the team re-calibrated the design to fit the reality of the interior space.

In the end, this re-orientation did not cause too much of a problem for the team, the client, or for their project. While the Universal team does request that you come to us with as much information as possible, and you do your best to ensure that this information is correct and complete, it is not the be-all and end-all of our services.

Our teams have the expertise required to reorganise and reset the information provided to us, to make sure it matches the space we are working with.

Our Complete Room Makeover Solution

With the room set up and the team ready to go, it was time to carry out our complete room makeover solution. We’ve broken down the process below.

Stripping out the room

Before we could begin, the room had to be prepared. This meant stripping out the space and priming all the surfaces. As stated, this is a complete room makeover — not an upgrade or tune-up — and our services really are complete. We take everything out of the room, achieving a blank canvas on which to work.

Relocating critical data and electrical services

Data and electrical connections are vital for any home theatre. With this in mind, the next step was placing these connections in the right places throughout the space. We run all the AV cabling through and into the room and installed the sound solution and projector.

Reorganising access

A room makeover is quite a serious undertaking, and one that requires a serious reorganisation of the space. This means reconfiguring access. We blocked the back door entrance and updated the step access to make the space more suitable for its new role as a home theatre.

Plastering and carpeting

We provide a full-service solution on every property that we work on. This means finishing the job completely with plastering and carpeting work.

Boosting the WiFi

The client had voiced concerns that his WiFi was not strong enough in the home theatre space. We put this right by installing a new WAP system to boost signal strength and quality and installing a second zone of audio in the alfresco area, along with enhanced controls.

Components Used in the Complete Room Makeover Job

  •         7.1.2. Atmos
  •         Epson 9400 projector
  •         Ubiquity WAP system
  •         Heos amplifier controllers

A Quote from the Client

“We couldn’t have been happier with our experience with Universal Home Theatre. We are so thankful for what they have created for us and would highly recommend them. Unfortunately 5 stars is the max that we can give as they deserve more.”

If you would like to learn more about our complete home makeover service, or you want to get a quote for carrying out a similar service at your property, get in touch. We are always happy to provide assistance and guidance on any project you are facing.


Our journey with Universal Home Theatre started with a simple email. From that email onwards Andrew was outstanding. He answered all my questions quickly and professionally. He was in constant contact with us from day one. He took control of the project and took care of all aspects of the build from the equipment, carpet, building work and electrical. He came out for the site inspection and knew exactly what we needed. He presented himself very professional and was nothing but amazing. His team turned up to the build and just hit the ground running. It was amazing how much work was done and to the best of quality. Mick, Joel, Jamie, Simon and Andrew were simply outstanding! They were all extremely friendly and very professional. Andrew was able to help us out in so many ways, supplying equipment on the day of the install at fantastic prices, install extra outlet and mounting our TV in the living room. We couldn’t of been happier with our experience with Universal Home Theatre. We are so thankful for what they have created for us and would highly recommend them. Unfortunately 5 stars is the max that we can give as they deserve more.


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