Collaboration at it’s finest at the Integrate Expo

What happened in August? The Integrate expo happened, that’s what. We flew down Tom Romari, our Brisbane manager for a few days and jumped in the deep end of some phenomenal technology being presented over the three day period.

It was great to see so many innovative companies in one place. All of them trying to push the boundaries of the industry. We were talking to industry leaders about new tech and developments that are close to launching, and I will tell you what, we are excited. We had a chat to many projector screen companies about the outdoor cinema’s we are creating and received many idea’s on how we can extend our warranty to our clients and provide a higher quality product.


The collaboration seen between many competitors within the industry is also a great thing to see. I have seen many industries blossom from open source collaboration and we feel that having closed off communication networks will only hinder the progress is the AV industry. That is why these events are so good, they bring the major players together.

Check out the few days of exploration with the team –


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