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Full home cinema fitout plus zoned audio throughout the home

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For this client the wishlist with a full home cinema room fitout, which included building a 3 level step-up for the home cinema seating with integrated step lighting.

Unlike other home theatre installers near you, we actually get our hands dirty and do ALL the work ourselves including any building works, carpentry, cabling and cabinetry.

They also wanted zoned audio throughout the house, which is worth expanding on here if you want the same in your home.

What is zoned audio?

Zoned audio is basically having (wired or wireless) speakers throughout the home, where different audio sources can be played simultaneously in different rooms. So everyone in the house can listen to whatever music they want, without disturbing the others.

Zoned audio can be controlled through a central system (like a RTI processor) using a mobile app on your device of choice, making it super convenient and user-friendly. This gives you complete wireless control of your entire multi-room AV system. In this case we installed Definitive Technology DI8R in-ceiling stereo speakers throughout the house with Sonos amps controlling the system.

Before we look at the component highlights of this install let’s understand what in-ceiling speakers bring to the party.

Why install ceiling speakers?

In-ceiling speakers in a home theatre space give you more immersive audio, with sound coming from above. If you have a Dolby Atmos source sound can be precisely placed and moved in a three-dimensional space, creating a hyper-realistic and enveloping soundstage. In-ceiling speakers also free up floor space and cut the dreaded cable clutter – giving you a very clean and aesthetically pleasing room.

Why pre-wiring is so important

You can see where our team have marked out the positions of the in-ceiling and in-wall speakers – using pink paint. This is part of the pre-wiring stage when all the cabling is installed in the wall and ceiling cavities.

The benefits for including wiring at the construction stage include the ability to include seamless integration of audio visual equipment in the home, less clutter and unsightly cabling under carpet or along skirting.

Gear highlights of this installation…

Sonos Amp

If you need to drive your home entertainment system’s audio, but want to add streaming and wireless zoned wireless around your home, then the Sonos Amp is the missing puzzle piece in your audio jigsaw. It can switch seamlessly between any number of sources, while enjoying crystal clear audio in as many rooms as you want. And with 125W per channel, the Amp is very capable at getting the best out of the latest hits or the latest blockbuster action flick.

Velodyne Impact 12 Inch Subwoofer

The 2 x Velodyne Impact 12 Inch subwoofers we installed are stylish, affordable, high-output, low distortion subs. With high quality, long throw drivers, down-firing ports and down-firing bass radiators these speakers are also compact enough to fit into any home cinema room. Subwoofers, or affectionately: subs, are all about delivering deep and powerful low, bass sounds that make your movies and music come to life!

All the gear we supplied and installed

All the components supplied and installed in this home theatre installation include:

  • 150 ” Grandview Acoustical screen
  • Epson LS12000 Projector
  • Origin Acoustics LCR69 in-wall front speakers, with in-wall rears and in-ceiling Atmos speakers
  • 2 x Velodyne Impact 12” Subwoofer
  • Apple TV
  • Yamaha Aventage RXA8A receiver

This client used their own seating. We are happy for you to purchase your own seating, otherwise we supply Manhattan Home Theatre Seating, which is customisable in terms of materials and configuration.

Home Theatre Installation: We do all the work ourselves!

What makes us different is that we do all the work ourselves, taking into account your needs, lifestyle and budget.

This can involve structural works – which depending on your project could include:

  • Blocking in walls
  • Building bulkheads
  • Building steps ups and platforms
  • Carpet (supply and installation)
  • Curtains and blinds (supply and installation)
  • Electrical (lighting and powerpoint installation)
  • Seating and custom (supply and install)
  • Custom cabinetry (design, supply and installation).

We also advise and supply which components suit your space, including leading AV brands such as Epson, Sonos, Denon, Origin Acoustics, Velodyne, B&W, Yamaha Aventage, Optoma, RTI, Samsung, LG, Sony and BenQ.

Why not browse some of our recent projects to see what we are capable of.

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