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Custom cabinetry, cinema-style seating and Dolby Atmos sound tick all the boxes

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For this client, who had just purchased a new home, they wanted to spec out an existing room measuring 7.5m x 3.8m, and convert it into a dream home cinema room. 

This project definitely ticked the box with: 

  • A full cinema room fitout with 7.2.2 Dolby Atmos sound, including 3 x in ceiling fronts, and 3 x pairs of in-ceiling rears
  • Custom cinema seating, with tiered step up for seating and carpeting of the room.
  • Manhattan New Yorker Pro custom cinema seating with step LED lighting
  • Full custom cabinetry installed to house all the AV components
  • Acoustical curtains around the whole room

We also carried out a full audio and video calibration. For TV’s and projectors this means you get the right skin tones, clarity and clarity from your picture; and for speakers and home theatre audio it can make a big difference to the overall soundstage and sonic clarity you experience. 

Let’s take a closer look at this installation, including the tech behind Dolby Atmos and also what subwoofers speakers do in a surround sound setup.

How does Dolby Atmos work and how do I get it?

Developed by world-famous acoustic engineers, Dolby Laboratories, Atmos is their latest evolution in ‘immersive sound’ for home theater environments.

The highlight of this sound format is that it gets you additional surround channels ‘from above’ – so any sounds that come from overhead, like rain or a helicopter. It achieves this by being able to process up to 128 channels of sound, where with a typical 7.1 setup you get a maximum of 8 channels – and giving each individual Atmos speaker multiple channels – including front, surround and ceiling-mounted height channels. 

To be able to get Dolby Atmos you need:

  • Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers direct sound upward and reflect it off the ceiling to produce incredibly lifelike, overhead sound – so rain sounds like it is falling from above.

  • A Dolby Atmos-enabled receiver that can decode and push out this sound format.

Let’s now look at subwoofers and what they do in a home cinema setup.

What are subwoofers and do I need them?

If you watch a lot of action movies or like your music delivered with a solid thump chances are you will want subwoofers in your audio setup.


Subwoofers are speakers that deliver low frequency sounds – in the 20-200 Hz range, also known as bass sounds. While your traditional front facing two-channel or surround sound setup can produce some of this range, they can’t come close to a dedicated subwoofer. The result with a subwoofer is a fuller, more vibrant sound stage – and real oomph to any action scene involving explosions or any other impacts. They also make any gameplay – on a PS or XBox more involving and dramatic.

Components supplied and installed

Components supplied and installed in this fit-out included:

  • Epson TW8400
  • 110” fixedGrandview screen

  • Yamaha Aventage RXA2080

  • 3 x SpeakerCraft  Profile AIM 8 Three in ceiling fronts

  • 3 x Pairs SpeakerCraft Profile CRS8 Once in-ceiling speakers as rears and Atmos

  • 2 x Speakercraft SDSi10 Subwoofers

  • Apple TV

  • Foxtel

  • Manhattan New Yorker Pro config 410 and config 320

  • Construction of step up for second row of seating

  • Step LED lighting

  • Full custom cabinetry installed front of room

  • Carpet supplied and installed

  • Curtains supplied and installed

  • Full system Audio & Video calibration

Home theatre design and installation

We want to make it very clear that when we install your home theatre equipment we do all the project work ourselves. This is true right from the initial consultation to the design and installation itself.

The first thing we do is analyse your room and select components that make sure you get the optimum audio/visual experience. AV components we install include control and automation software, display devices, input devices, speakers and peripherals like games consoles. We also stock, supply and install leading AV brands such as Sonos, Heos, Jamo, B&W, Yamaha, Yamaha Aventage, Optoma, RTI, Samsung, LG, Sony and BenQ.

Our after sales services also includes teaching how to use your new toys, as well as after sales service and troubleshooting.

You can browse all our other home theatre installations on the showroom page of our site.

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Client Review

We first had Universal hang a couple of TVs in our apartment a few years ago where we got great service. So when we bought our new place a few months ago we gave Andy a call to hang another couple of TV’s. Andy and Mick came out a few days later and did a nice job again. Whilst they were here we discussed some thought s about putting in a theatre room into a space that was under utilized. The room was single level tiled floor 7×3.5 with plenty of windows. That discussion lead to a full on installation with a step up built, carpet laid, custom cabinetry, 7 beautiful leather seats, full curtains and a tremendous picture and sound system that has transformed our house and that room to an awesome space. The quality of the installation is excellent and communication through the process perfect to keep us updated and explain the system. Andy and Mick (Mick the master electrician) are great people, professional work and kept our place nice and tidy each day, Sam in the office well organised, pleasant to deal with and kept us up to date and Andy’s team of contractors also great to work with. Zac the cabinet legend built us a fantastic cabinet, James “the blind guy” and his family did a wonderful job of our drapes, the carpet team efficient and friendly people. Everyone we dealt with were awesome. We are so happy we chose Universal Home Theatre Sydney and as you can tell definitely recommend them.


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