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Basement conversion is transformed into a fully featured home theatre with acoustic panels, luxury seating, projector and wine cellar


Stage 1

Stage 2

Who wouldn’t want a wine cellar and home cinema room in your basement?

Well, that’s exactly what this client had in mind when they approached us. We actually surprised ourselves how much we managed to squeeze into the room – including a monster Grandview 120” fixed screen, 2 levels of seating and all the audio/video/streaming smarts you could wish for!

As you can see from the before/after shots, this project required our team to use all our skills from the design, to the supply of all AV components and all structural works. This included blocking in walls, building bulkheads and building step ups and platforms – as well as installing all the hardware, cabling and software.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the gear we installed in more detail.

Gear highlights of this installation…

  • Grandview 120” Fixed Acoustical screen, so no one misses any of the action. This screen has a unique woven structure which is 4K compatible for the truest, most vivid and dynamic images. It is also an acoustical screen, which means the fabric helps to absorb sound in the room, not reflect it.
  • Yamaha Aventage amplifier, which is a fully featured 7.2 channel home receiver, dynamic 110 Watt amplifier with 7 channels of amplification for crystal clear dialogue, extra oomph of sound effects and surround sound.
  • Origin Acoustics in wall fronts and Thin Fit rear in-ceiling speakers, for an immersive audio experience – so the roar of the crowd, music and dialogue will all be crystal clear.
  • Epson EH-TW9400 DLP projector, an award-winning DLP projector that scores highly based on its ability to handle HDR, vibrant colours and excellent sense of depth. DLP projectors have higher light output than a LED projector, which is enhanced by Epson’s 4K Enhancement pixel shifting technology, which basically makes any input look like high resolution 4K.
  • Manhattan acoustic panels, which help to minimise reverberations and echo in smaller spaces that lead to unclear and muddied sound. Acoustic panels are made from an absorbent foam, which helps to stop sound waves pinging around a room. The most obvious benefit is that sound coming from your home theatre audio is clear, which makes dialogue easy to understand and bass sounds are not muffled. Acoustic panels have an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating which measures how much of the sound it can absorb. For example a NRC rating of .80 means that the panel will absorb 80% of the sound.

Here is a more detailed list of all the tech and features we managed to squeeze in:

  • Epson 9400 projector
  • Grandview 120” Fixed Acoustical Transparent screen
  • Origin Acoustics LCR65 in wall fronts as LCR Front in walls
  • Origin Acoustics Thin Fit TF37EX as rear in ceiling speakers
  • Yamaha Aventage RXA4A amplifier
  • Apple TV
  • Manhattan Acoustic Panels
  • Whole-home zoned audio with Sonos
  • Recessed ceiling lighting
  • Step ups and platforms for the Manhattan seating
  • Carpet supply and installation

Why Universal Home Theatre?

Unlike other home theatre installers who contract work out, we do it all ourselves! Our team of techs and installers do it all – including all the structural works like building step ups, installing carpet, blinds and much more. These are just some of the elements we take care of:

  • Data cabling installation
  • Blocking in walls
  • Building bulkheads
  • Building steps ups and platforms
  • Carpet (supply and installation)
  • Curtains and blinds (supply and installation)
  • Electrical (lighting and powerpoint installation)
  • Seating and custom (supply and install)
  • Custom cabinetry (design, supply and installation).

We also advise which components suit your space, and supply leading brands such as Sonos, Epson Jamo, B&W, Yamaha, Yamaha Aventage, Optoma, RTI, Samsung, LG, Sony and BenQ. And when all your gear is installed we also calibrate your audio and video for pixel perfect images and crystal clear audio – using dedicated equipment.

Like what you see? Then why not browse some of our other recent projects to see what we are capable of.

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