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Tears and Joy for ‘The Block’ winners.

After an emotional roller coaster for the 5 teams on the block over the last 4 months, it has finally come to an end. In a shocking auction that has left 2 couples with only $10,000 profit, the finale was met with tears.

Two of the other teams came away with over $300,000 in profit which will be life changing for them.

There were some very impressive rooms, but the rooms we think took the cake were the living rooms.

With the stylish wooden feature wall on one side and they have included amazing decorative art work on the other, this room was finished off with a 48″ panel that has been professionally wall mounted. Shannon and Simon did a phenomenal finish of the living room.

The media room and living area having a floor to ceiling book shelf with an artistic moveable ladder makes the room. Having the 55″ panel indented into the book shelf creates an area of comfort and sophistication. Michael and Carlene’s living and dining room was excellent. We did notice the panel wasn’t in any way center of the indented space and cables weren’t completely concealed. This is why you need professionals to come in and take care of the particulars.

Whats your thoughts?

Darren and Dee’s living and dining space was topped off with a 55″ Panel with a soundbar to create the atmosphere with the David Bromley artwork.

Max and Karstan’s living space was defined by the white and charcoal colors. With the low lying cabinetry, the sound bar and the 48″ wall mounted panel, this room is the epitome of professional.

You can see what the contestants have done and the outcomes have been phenomenal. If you want to have the same style and professionalism in your home or apartment, make sure you contact Universal Home Theatre today on 1800 144 199 or check out our TV Wall Mounting packages here.


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