Media Room Retrofit

For this retro fit, our client had a basement that wasn’t being used, so we transformed into a simple yet effective Cinema Room.

We installed star ceiling panels which proved to be quite tricky, given that there was a step ceiling in the room. We had a black banner painted between the step up, which brings the star panels together. We also installed an RGB Led lighting strip around the border of the star panels, to give depth to the room. The client now has the option to change the colour of the border lighting with the remote supplied.

We also installed an Epson 9300 Black edition so as to blend in with the black star ceiling panels along with a Yamaha RXA 770 and B&W M1 speakers, wall mounted to create 5.1 surround.

Throughout the house we also installed Wifi Boosting using the Ubiquity WAP range, which gives the client Wifi in every corner of there property.

At the tail end of the job the client also decided to go with the Manhattan New Yorker seating range which really added that cinema feeling.

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