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Get the friends around for THE STATE OR ORIGIN with this Wall Mount Footy Package. Including the brand new (2015 MODEL) 55″ 6 Series Samsung, to be mounted on your wall with all the cables hidden at this unbelievable price.

Audio Pixels are in the third stage of developing an audio technology that changes the physical aspect of a speaker from pushing air, to compressing air. “The problem is you need a big box to make sufficient quality sound.”

If you have never tried installing a projector before, the process can be quite puzzling. The process may take 2 to 3 hours for most installers to do it, for a DIY install, the process may take a little bit longer.

Most executives use Audio Visual systems for their company to share data or information about their respective departments during meetings, seminars, conferences and trainings to communicate with outside organizations.

Creates an exceptional experience with all HD TV’s with textured HiFi sound. Wirelessly streams all the music the planet. Simple to expand and create the ambiance in any room.

“In a world filled with speakers that look and sound the same, OM/ONE is a paradigm shift. Designed by a team of world class industrial designers and audio engineers, OM/ONE is as functional as it is beautiful.”


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Our range of products are often sold far below the RRP of most electrical hardware to accommodate for the home theatre service.

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