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How to buy best home theater system for your living room

For many buying a home theatre set up, a new TV screen is where most of the money goes when investing in a home theatre system. While screen size and picture quality are hugely important, choosing the right audio system to complement the picture is equally, if not more important.

The team at Universal Home Theatre explain what things to look for to get a system that’s right for your living room and needs, and also where to invest your money to get the best home theatre system possible. 


Before you start researching different systems it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want the system to do. Some questions to ask (and discuss with the family) include:

  • Will the system be used only for movies, or for both movies and music?

Movies entertain us with sound and visuals with sound playing more of a supporting role. When listening to music alone however, tonal quality and sound quality are much more noticeable and important. For those who listen to more music than watch TV, a high quality stereo system is more important than multichannel sound.

  • Is surround sound a priority?

For buyers on a budget, there are many other options including buying a sound bar or two speaker stereo systems that offer a better sound quality than a bottom of the range surround sound speaker system.

  • How much space do you have and where will the system be used?

If you have a dedicated space like a media room, the speakers and TV size should be on the larger end to provide the best audio visual and entertainment experience. If your space is smaller or used for a different purposes, buyers usually a smaller home theatre set up does the job well for what they are looking for.

Tips for Choosing Home Speakers

We recommend prioritising speakers before TV screens, especially if you’ve already got a good sized screen to work with. Instead of putting all your budget into a new screen, think first about buying the best stereo for your money with a flexible amount of features including iPod dock, Bluetooth connectivity and subwoofers. Some other things to know when buying home theatre speakers include:

  • Left and Right floor standing speakers have the best impact for an even soundscape and can create the most realistic and exciting movie experience without distortion. They don’t come cheap but will provide excellent stereo output when listening to music. They work best in a good sized room.
  • A quality centre channel speaker is essential for a well-balanced home theatre system. Since around 50 per cent of a TV show or movie soundtrack is delivered through a centre channel speaker, they provide a good anchoring of the on screen action. They are best placed directly below the screen for best sound balance.
  • To achieve a surround sound effect, a 5.1 channel surround system with wall mounted speakers around the room will provide finer sound details. From the rustle of leaves, to the patter of raindrops and other atmospheric sounds to fill the room careful placement of surround sound speakers will provide this extra sonic dimension. There are smaller satellite speakers placed carefully around the room can be a more discreet option than a larger 2 speaker left right stereo and will work well with a subwoofer which will provide a richer sound not achieved through the smaller satellite speakers.

Tips for Choosing TV’s

A major consideration is to match the size of the TV with the size of the speakers. A smaller TV screen with a high end speaker system may sound good, but the viewing experience could fall short, especially if the sound takes attention away from the screen.

Consider at least a 40 inch screen in a smaller room with a left and right stereo or sound bar, and at least a 50 inch screen in a medium/large room with surround sound. Read more about buying the best TV for your room here. A wall mounted screen may be the best option for a larger screen for best positioning when space is limited.

For more expert installation and audio visual advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Universal Home Theatre team. We can assess your unique requirements and provide honest, obligation free advice based on your needs and budget. Reach us today on (07) 3053 2635



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