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Home Theatre Automation


With the availability and increasing affordability of high-end audio-visual equipment, adding a well-appointed home theatre and quality AV equipment throughout your home in Australia is easier than ever before.

Why Choose Integrated Wiring?

When purchasing a home theatre and AV equipment, by including wireless components, you help keep things tidy and enhance connectivity. However, as any true audiophile or cinephile will tell you, it is simply not possible to get the same quality sound and video as it is with properly wired AV equipment. There are other considerations as well – some of the best equipment is wired, as is, of course, beautiful vintage analogue equipment – which you might be fortunate enough to already own! The ideal situation is a wired system that can also handle wireless and other digital components.

So while a wireless system may be a helpful alternative when wiring is not possible, if you are building a new home or considering renovating, you are in an excellent position to incorporate a visually and aurally stunning, home theatre system using home theatre automation featuring integrated wiring. AV automation is the best way to create a sleek, discreet and centralised home theatre that can provide your whole family with the highest quality video and audio throughout the house.

How Does It Work?

At Universal Home Theatre, the basis of our world-class AV systems is our expertly designed and installed structured pre-wiring. Also known as integrated AV, its heart is a central hub consisting of a server or other control and storage device(s) of your choosing. Generally, this will be installed in a cabinet or cupboard – somewhere out of sight but easily accessible. From this hub, we will run concealed, professional-grade wiring to as many access points as you choose. These access points will feature two coaxial connections as well as two Ethernet connections on one single attractive wall plate. Forget only being able to enjoy high-quality video and sound in your entertainment or living area – your bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms and even outdoor areas can all be accessed without the worry of dropouts or signal quality loss.

Thanks to the central hub in this type of home theatre installation, your entire family’s digital library will be accessible throughout the home. Using a networked media player or Media Center PC, you can immediately gain access to your favourite music and video content. In addition, your cherished vinyl library can be enjoyed throughout the house rather than only in the room with the record player. Similarly, you’ll be able to enjoy content from Blu-Ray players and other such media that are neatly tucked away in a central location.

Maximising Your Listening And Viewing Experience

One of the major advantages of structured pre-wiring is the optimal placement of speakers and screens. Incorporating integrated wiring during new construction or renovation allows our expert installers to place speakers in the positions that will maximise the overall sound quality and listening experience for that particular room. In the same way, TV wall mounting will be done in order to create the perfect viewing experience. And since it is taking place as part of the construction process, speakers and screens can be seamlessly mounted flush with walls, columns and even ceilings. Invisible speakers and disappearing flat screens are also an exciting option. Soundproofing and treatment are also an option, further maximising your listening experience while allowing you to fully enjoy music and video at any time of day without disturbing other family members.

Universal Home Theatre

We are Australia’s home theatre automation experts, and we are proud to have installed some of the country’s most advanced and attractive home theatres and office AV systems. Whatever your needs are, we are able to advise you on the best way to go about it while keeping within your given budget. To find out more about our home theatre automation services, contact us today!


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