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Small Boardroom Fitout

Two rooms to be fitout for Mellitta coffee solutions in Alexandria
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Stage 1

Stage 2

Two rooms to be fitout for Mellitta coffee solutions in Alexandria
First room is training room where we have installed projector and motorised screen with speakers. Very simple but effective solution.

Second room is just a large screen TV video wallplate below tv for easy connection to devices.

Components in these rooms include:
  • Epson EB – 535W
  • Westinghouse 92” Motorised screen
  • Powered wall mounted speakers
  • Samsung 75” TV
  • RTI XP6 Control processor

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Simple yet effective boardroom solutions

In the office, teams need a space to debrief, debate, educate, and collaborate. They need a professional setting in which to meet with current and potential clients and partners. This space needs to look the part – clean, modern, and on-brand. But it also needs to deliver on performance and functionality.  

Here at Universal Home Theatre, we provide high-quality boardroom solutions to businesses across the country. Recently, we were lucky enough to work with Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions in Alexandria. They wanted to equip their two smaller boardrooms with the tech and audio-visual equipment they need to train new staff, conduct meetings, and other day-to-day operations.

Let’s take a look at how this project unfolded in more detail.

What the client needed

Before we start any boardroom project, we work closely with our clients to determine exactly what they hope to achieve. From there, we can devise a personalised solution that ticks all of the boxes: look, functionality, and budget.

The team at Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions needed two boardrooms decked out. The first was a training room. A large screen and loud, clear speakers were essential.

The second was a multi-purpose boardroom. For this, versatility and streamlined functionality were key; the AV equipment needed to be compatible with a whole range of devices.

Our simple yet effective solution

The experienced team at Universal Home Theatre was able to come up with a simple yet effective solution for both rooms. Using high-quality equipment, we achieved precisely what the client wanted.

Here’s a bit more information about our innovative boardroom solutions.

Room 1: the training room

Staff training is an essential activity for all businesses. To ensure the screen would be visible to all in the room, we installed a projector and motorised screen. We paired this with high-quality, strategically placed, wall-mounted speakers for audio clarity.

Here are the specific components we used:

  • Epson EB – 535W
  • Westinghouse 92” Motorised Screen
  • Powered wall-mounted speakers
Room 2: small boardroom

In this room, we kept it simple. We paired a large TV screen with a video wall plate below, ensuring easy, fuss-free connection to a variety of different devices.

Here are the specific components we used:

  • Samsung 75” TV
  • RTI XP6 Control Processor
Keeping it professional

Our simple solutions proved to be extremely effective, and the team at Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions were thrilled with the results.

Investing in streamlined tech not only gave their boardrooms the functionality they needed, but also ensured the rooms looked clean and professional.

Endless, tangled wires, poorly positioned screens, and unnecessary bulk can detract from the overall look of a boardroom. This visual noise can also distract employees and clients from your presentation – don’t let your message get lost among messy tech.

Find out more about our boardroom solutions

If you’d like to learn more about this project, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team. We’d be more than happy to work with you to find out if any of the components used here would be suitable for your property.

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