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5 Home Theatre Installation Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Last month we highlighted some of the biggest mistakes buyers make when shopping for home theatre products and this month we raise some common set up mistakes which can greatly compromise the way you use and enjoy a home theatre system.

Since all the money you spent on good home theatre products can be wasted if they are not properly installed at Universal Home Theatre we only want you to get the best from your setup and home theatre system.


  1. Wrong Height of Screen

So many people mount their TV too high which means they are constantly looking up at the screen. Over time this causes neck strain. If your neck is tilted upwards at all then the screen is too high. Not only will you be more comfortable with the screen at the right height you will also get the best picture from the screen by viewing at direct eye level.

2.     Wrong Lighting in the Room

Another important factor in regards to screen placement is the amount of glare or light that affects the screen. Placing screens near too many windows which can make the picture difficult to see during the day time. If positioning the screen away from windows is not an option black out blinds or curtains will need to be used. Also the more windows in a room the more likely noise from outside will impact the viewing experience or the sound will escape outside.

3.     Speakers Placed within Furniture

Placing speakers within entertainment cabinets is a common set up decision to hide the speakers but unfortunately greatly compromises the sound quality by causing muffled sound and the audio to rebound.

Speakers already come in their own furniture (the speaker casing) and need a certain amount of air and space to sound there best. This is why other furniture and items should not be placed directly in front of speakers.

If you want speakers to be hidden the best option is a discreet and seamless in-wall or in-ceiling option.

4.     Improper Placement of Surround Speakers

Often the centre channel speaker of the surround sound is placed is the wrong area which can make dialogue difficult to understand. Ideally this should be close to the screen without being too low to the floor or too far back on the entertainment unit shelf.  While bass and low frequency sounds are mainly directionless you still need to pay attention to the placement and avoid placing too close to a wall or corner of the room, just a few centimetres distance between the wall and your subwoofer can make a big difference.

5.     Wrong Calibration of Picture and Audio

You don’t need to spend a fortune on cables but you do need the right cables for the connection. Sometimes the wrong connection cables are used to split the audio and video between the AV source, the surround sound and the TV.  Often this means sound is being bypassed directly to the TV or you won’t be getting full high resolution audio. There might be a pass through feature on your AV receiver otherwise a separate cable will need to be used.

Additionally the calibration of the picture might be skipped over and default setting used. Often this causes the screen to run much brighter than recommended on the high which can risk blowing out or torching the whites, blacks and colours displayed. In a dim room a less bright setting is recommended.

Some systems need professional set up and installation and for a seamless set up, installation, TV wall mounting service and correct speaker placement, getting the Universal Home Theatre team to assess and optimise your current set up, or install your new system will allow you to enjoy the full home theatre experience in the way that it was intended.

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