Why choose a Smart TV?

With technology evolving every day and newer gadgets entering the market with a storm, there is every reason that you may be tempted to get your hands on everything ‘smart’. Smart TVs are the new kids on the block enthralling consumers with their extraordinary features and their integrated interface. But there is no need to get overwhelmed by your new buy or get intimidated by the configuration process. You can hire smart TV installation experts to take care of the installation process for you.

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Universal Tips & Updates

Building a new home – Don’t forget the wiring!!!

Jul 21

Everyday we take calls from clients who are building their new dream homes and want to know what needs to be done for the fitout of their home theatre room.

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Jul 04

Here at Universal Home Theatre we are all committed to keeping up with the latest technology along with custom installations that make you go WOW!!!!

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