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Top 5 movie streaming companies – Movie Streaming

Is Quickflix scared of Netflix?

As everyone has seen the end of the DVD rental era, more and more are turning to digital technology. Movie streaming is following suit to the US and becoming predominant in Australia. With small and large companies coming to the table. Quickflix is Australia’s version of Netflix. One of Quickflix’s advantages is that Netflix is so far, blocked to the Australian consumers. The American version of the service is superior in a lot of ways, but cannot be reached by the average joe. There is a number of ways to by-pass the geo-blocking of the services, but these are more for the tech-savvy individuals out there.

For us more, basic users, here are the top 5 streaming companies that will end your thirst for movies.

Foxtel Presto

Foxtel Presto offers a movie streaming service like the all-you-can-eat restaurants. Only recently this year they halved their price to $9.99 per month. The range of movies isn’t quite as good as Quickflix. To my best ability I have found that Foxtel Presto is utilizing the services of Ooyala for their streaming content. You can also register up to 4 devices per account and watch different movies on 2 devices at once


Quickflix started out life as a DVD rental service but has since branched into online movie streaming. With a 14 day free trial, partnerships with many other organisations with better value deals, and a offline version of the servcie for areas that don’t have access to broadband speed internet. Universal Home Theatre believe they are the company of choice. Coming in at the same price as Foxtel’s service, $9.99 a month, with more movies and more content. It is an easy choice.

Bigpond Movies

BigPond Movies is a movie rental service available via Telstra’s T-Box DVR or a compatible IPTV and broadband connection. The service provides access to over 4,000 movies with new releases starting at $5.99 per rental. This is probably our least favorite company as the set-up costs with the T-Box are far more than anyone else and the choice is limited. The only good thing about it is that the streaming downloads are not tracked from any of these services when with Telstra.


Mubi is a movie streaming service for the Sony PlayStation Network that focuses on cult movies and world cinema. If your tastes lean towards the off-beat and weird, this is a service unlike any other (it even has Harmony Korine’s Trash Humpers). A monthly subscription through your PlayStation 3 costs $4.99 a month.

Fetch TV

Fetch TV is a movie streaming service available from internet service providers iiNet, Optus, Adam Internet and Internode and others. The entry-level service provides 30 free movies on demand at any time, with seven new titles added each week.

Pricing varies from ISP to ISP, but tends to start at around $10 per month.



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