Revolutionary technology on it’s way.

It looks like we are coming into another revolutionary stage of audio technology.

Audio Pixels are in the third stage of developing an audio technology that changes the physical aspect of a speaker from pushing air, to compressing air. “The problem is you need a big box to make sufficient quality sound.” They explain because more of our devices are becoming smaller, the sound quality isn’t keeping up. With multiple of these chip size speaker you will be able to equivalate to a larger speaker.

audio pixel speaker microchip  audio pixel layout

“An Audio Pixels speaker is a MEMS chip roughly 1mm thick. The chip replaces conventional speaker driver(s), enclosure or acoustic chamber, as well as the electronic circuitry associated with converting the digital signal feed to analog (via a D2A + Power Amplifier).”


They developed a chip that can generate sound that is the size of a pin. “The Audio Pixels speaker chip is not only radically smaller; it consumes a fraction of the power, to produce far better acoustic performance (clear sounding, less distorted, more accurate sound reproduction). The qualitative differences are reflected in better performance in a substantially smaller package:”

• Wider frequency range
• Lower frequencies
• Immeasurable distortion
• Louder sound volume
• Less power consumption

audio pixel pin


What they are trying to achieve is an experience like no other. Imagine being able to watch a movie at home and the sound experience had by yourself and your partner were completely different. Being able to push sound towards a specific direction at a different frequency. They want to develop a system where two different people can watch the same movie, one at a high volume and one at a low volume. This is something that has never been achievable.

audio pixel sound distribution

Audio Pixels Final HD from Richard on Vimeo.

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