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What is AV pre wiring and why is it important?

Modern homes are increasingly installing pre wiring for home theatre and audio and data networks now and into the future. This wiring is in addition to the standard lighting, air conditioning and other electrical requirement of a home, as we continue to use smart devices and opt for, a discreet and function AV wiring install in undoubtedly an important feature of modern homes that are equipped for technology now and into the future.

The benefits for including wiring at the construction stage include the ability to include seamless integration of audio visual equipment in the home, less clutter and unsightly cabling under carpet or along skirting. This is done all while ensuring the home is equipped to easily add additional AV equipment into the future.

Why is pre wiring for home theater so important in new homes and businesses?

Pre wiring involves running necessary cabling during the home’s framing construction stage or during renovations.  The cost of running the cabling is very affordable during this phase so it makes sense to add this wiring during construction and equip data or media access points in each room of the house. This pre wiring can also be used for security systems, and as people stream more content online a pre- wired home makes it possible for content be enjoyed from multiple rooms of the house from a central hub which can be discreetly placed in a cupboard or wardrobe.

If you know you will want some kind of home theatre, home automation or multi room audio/visual system in your home at some stage but buying the equipment is a stretch of the budget, you should still allow money in your budget to pre wire you home. Doing this later can become extremely expensive and involves lots of extensive retrofitting work. In the case of commercial or retail outlets doing this kind of work later can become out of the question and mean massive disruptions to business..

Other benefits of centralised AV and home theatre wiring:

  • Add values to a home and increases attractiveness to buyers.
  • Allows all content (e.g mp3 files, CDs, video and internet content) to be supported from one central system. Adding extra speakers or monitors to view or listen to content in different rooms can be then easily added at a later stage.
  • Allows wall mounted and ceiling installed speakers which can greatly enhance a home viewing experience or when listening to music.
  • Helps to ‘future proof’ your home for new technology advancements.

The future of technological homes

As our love affair with audio visual devices and internet continues, planning for more devices that will work seamlessly throughout the home makes good sense. From security systems, extra data points and speakers, pre wiring at the building stage makes good sense and will ensure your home theatre and audio visual needs in your home are seamlessly integrated into your home design for a user friendly and exciting AV experience.

Talk to the Universal Home Theatre team to organise a free in home or office consultation so we can look at your home plans and give you the best options for a seamless, attractive and functional AV solution to work well with your home, for today and tomorrow.


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