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AV Distribution Solutions throughout the Home

The traditional household ‘home theatre’ system will have a single TV and a pile of AV equipment below it – but technology and times are changing. With TV’s able to be neatly mounted on walls, not only do they look better and offer a better viewing experience they are also safer for small kids. One of the biggest developments in the home theatre industry has been the ability to distribute clear AV singles in each room of the home.

If your home has more than one television, there is a way to make sure you can consistently watch what you want from each screen – especially since it’s not practical or affordable to stick set top boxes below or under every screen.

Universal Home Theatre specialise in AV distribution throughout the home, and here are some options for distributing even, clear and uncluttered AV signals throughout an entire household.

Using your AV Receiver

Higher end AV receivers have multiple inputs for many different sources. Even basic sources like VHS signals can be converted into HDMI and multiple HDMI outputs for a main living room, and another room of your choice. Some amplifiers can send the same source (e.g Foxtel) to both rooms at the same time, or split two different sources so the kids can enjoy a Blu Ray in the bedroom, while you enjoy Foxtel in the living room.


Ask us about buying an AV hub. These can offer a budget system to connect four video sources in different rooms and up to 8 ceiling speakers.  Digital audio is also possible if you want to add surround sound to certain rooms.

AN Example of a Connected Household

Living Room – The priority hub where Foxtel Box (A) is only connected from and surround sound bookshelf speakers, left right and centre channel speakers are placed.

TV’s in Bedrooms 1 and 2.  Foxtel box (B) is shared between all the bedrooms but controlled from the master bedroom.

Ensuite Bathrooms and Outdoor Areas

Remaining outputs are used for ceiling speakers in the ensuite bathroom, the garden area or balcony. Outdoor areas generally require more power for good sound, so an amp may be recommended. Earthquake outdoor speakers are also available in different sizes depending on the space and the power required

An Apple TV source can be then connected so any apple phone or iPad can play music wirelessly through the home using an iPhone or iPad – including from outside.

There you have it. An example of perfect harmonious distributed audio and visual signals throughout the ENTIRE HOME so you can enjoy music and video from wherever you are in the home – even when you are in the bathroom and taking a shower!

If it’s your dream to run an AV system like this in your Brisbane or Sydney home, get expert advice from the home theatre specialists at Universal Home Theatre who have wholesale access to the best equipment. We can also optimise and expand upon your existing equipment to create a more comprehensive home AV solution. Call us now on (07) 3053 2635 or 0407 463 829

Information in this article courtesy of Radio Parts – https://www.radioparts.com.au


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