How much better does that look?

What happens when you wall mount your TV?

“I have been looking at this ugly mess of cords behind the TV unit for the past year and have needed to do something about it” is what we hear all the time.

How would it look to have that plasma, LED, 3D TV mounted up on the wall, out of the way, wires concealed and look like this right now?

Here at UHT our main focus is not about sales, our point of difference is not the sleek look that is commonly in conversation, it is the safety, security and the space saving that mounting your TV can provide. Take care of your investment by getting professionals in and stand out from the crowd. When people walk into your home, have the difference up on your wall, in HD. You can take design and living to the next step. Save your husband the hassle and make the brunette across the road jealous.

brisbane wall mount

It may look like a complex job, and without the experience it could be. Concealing the cabling for each different component does take quite a bit of experience and getting the right height for best user enjoyment is a fine art. That is the reason why most people decide to get the experts to do it.




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