Features on your Smart Television

Being the perfect collaboration of Internet, television and high-quality screens, smart TVs have many more highlights than a regular telly. A smart TV brings the viewing and browsing experience within the comforts of your living room, using media such as Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, game consoles, HDMI dongles, your computer or just the smart television system based on the brand you purchase.
Smart TVs allow you to browse content on the web with a single remote control and on a single on-screen interface. Additionally, you can access your home network files at your fingertip. A good Wi-Fi or wired connection to your router allows smooth functioning of the online interaction offered by a smart TV.
But that’s not all. Not only does it double up as connected computer device, you can avail services like video on-demand and interactive advertising that take television viewing to a whole new platform in addition to the smart TV apps that are impressive by itself.
Just in case you wanted to check your Facebook wall in between this, no worries. Smart TVs allow social networking on your preferred portals like Facebook and YouTube during television viewing with the help of touchscreen keyboards or keyboard interface.

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