Building a new home – Don’t forget the wiring!!!

Everyday we take calls from clients who are building their new dream homes and want to know what needs to be done for the fitout of their home theatre room. We will generally organise a time to sit down with the clients and work through their design based on the needs and requirements of their day to day activities. Our techs qualify the customer on their level of experience with AV and assess what their ideal vision of the media room / smart home will be, working our clients for a solution that suits them best.


Generally, a media room doesn’t just include the components for home theatre; it involves pre-wiring for all aspects of AV which will usually include TV & Foxtel points, data cabling for streaming, audio distribution, modulation & Wifi Boosters. Pre-wiring the cables for the new home is a very important process to consider at construction (frame stage), particularly in a multi storey house as it helps reduce costs now and in the future; allowing the best connectivity for all devices throughout the house. Running cables after frame stage requires hours, upon hours of additional labour, and becomes a much more involved process for any technician, which is why it’s important to consider following points when designing your new home:





– AV Solution Creation/ Design/ Site Inspection



– CUTOUT (Normally only designated for larger scale jobs)

– Installation, Fit Out and test

– Programming

– Customer Demonstration and AV Handover/Finalisation of invoice with system.


Depending on the AV configuration and wiring requirements, most cabling is recommended to be installed back to one central hub or rack, which could be in a storage cupboard, garage, custom designed media room rack, etc. This set-up makes for a more stable, neater and convenient layout, which will help for future access and aftermarket sales service when troubleshooting. In addition, running cables to a central HUB location helps when choosing to upgrade AV components, and makes adding additional power Amps or control systems easier, as the cables have already been run to a central location.


There is a lot of options out there from the most basic to custom of designs to house all your AV Components and cabling to one central location.


We always run through this with you at the design stage as if you are looking to have custom cabinetry built in, we will need to advise of dimensions of some of the larger AV Components and sources to make sure everything can fit in the right spot before we arrive on site to complete the final fit off and installation. This can actually be a make or break point for a customer on building their new home so always allow some additional room for cabling and ventilation as it is required and makes for a smoother installation process. Please Speak with your AV Specialist at design stage and we can run through the all the processes of this with you.


There is a lot to consider when building a new home or media room and normally our clients come to us unaware or not up to date with the latest tech and trends on what they can achieve with their new home and budget.  Most media rooms comprise of a minimum 5.1 surround sound speaker system which comprises of 3 front speakers and 2 rear speakers along with a subwoofer and AV Receiver which all require cabling to be installed to them.


Surround sound systems can then work their way all the way up to a Dolby Atmos immersive systems which can range from 5.1.2 – 9.1.2 setups. These will be explained more at a later stage in our Dolby Atmos Blog as there is a lot of detail that is required designing, completing and installing a Dolby Atmos system for our customers.


Depending on the build of the room we will put forward speakers for installation being In wall, In ceiling, Tower, Satellite or Bookshelf speakers. We will always look to put our best possible solution  and recommendation here to suit the best audio needs of the room for now and in the future.

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Building a new home – Don’t forget the wiring!!!

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Everyday we take calls from clients who are building their new dream homes and want to know what needs to be done for the fitout of their home theatre room.

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