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This page is a resource for all Bing Lee staff to be able to assist your customers to the best of your ability and to give guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which area van should i book with if pick up location or customer delivery address is in a different location from the store?
Always book the van that is most suited to the area and closest to the installation. North, South, East, West.

2. How are the sales staff to know how much extra time will be needed to be booked in for extras on the job?
It is better to at least make the customer aware that extra time will be required when they are wanting other work completed. Please call 1800 144 199 for the best time calculation once explaining to the Universal team what is needed to be carried out.

3. Some customers don’t have an e-mail (predominantly elderly people), whose email should we insert instead?
When this is the case please load in the salesman email or store email so that if there is a change the salesman / store can contact the customer to confirm.

4. I find it hard to review the booking details once it has all been confirmed, is there a simple method to do this?
At this point you will need to call the office on 1800 144 199 to confirm as we are working on having the option for salesman logins but this is a large system to build.

5. If the customer purchases multiple items for their solution, e.g an additional soundbar or multiple tv’s, will you pickup/deliver these extra items with the promo purchase?
And if so, do we charge an extra rate/ how much extra would you charge?
In addition, if a customer purchases an item unrelated to home theater at all, e.g a microwave, would you be able to deliver that, even with an extra charge?
The promo deal or any install code will only include delivery of the TV or device that the code relates too, we can deliver other devices but this will be at a surcharge of $25 per device (conditions apply) as this requires time and space in the service vehicles

6. If customers purchase an item out of the promo, and simply want an explanation on how to use the functions to their full potential (they have already set up everything and just require a demo), Is that a service you provide? If so what is the charge?
We can certainly provide this service and it would be a custom code (INSTAVE) $165 and will include 30 mins demo time and system checkover.

7. Which code, or tab should be selected if the customer needs a solution outside of the promo table install, E.g a 32 inch swivel bracket mount and soundbar mount, or a theater set up; or requires something unique which is not listed in any of the tabs which you have provided on the page?
Alternatively, which process should we follow to communicate the requirements or potential job to you?

The salesman should contact the Universal office on 1800 144 199 to get more details and approx pricing to be able to charge the customer

8. Do you continue with promo installs after the promo dates are passed if purchased within the promo period?
E.g customer buys on the 30th of May and books in install for the 15 of June, is it still delivered and installed for free within the stipulations of the contract?
We can certainly carry out the installation after the promo date, We will honour this up until the 15th June as long as the TV is purchased in the promo period.

9. Do we dispose of old TV’s from customers places?
This is usually at the discretion of the technician on site and depends on the amount of stock / rubbish that is in the van at the time. Please note that it does cost us to dump the TV’s unless we use the Bing Lee disposal bins but this requires time etc. Sometimes there will be a charge of $50 to dispose of the TV’s and this is charged to the customer on site.



1 x Site visit
1 x Fixed flat wall mount bracket 32” – most 75” TV’s (max 60KG)
1 x Brush wall plate including wall mount clip for wall plate
1 x Cabling concealed inside wall cavity where possible** (cables extra)
1 x Audit of connected equipment
1 x Optimisation and recommendation of cabling for best results
1 x Reconnection of equipment
1 x Tutorial on operation
10 year Installation and Bracket Warranty*

Terms & Conditions

What is covered in the Universal Home Theatre Warranty?

This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship in respect to installation works Universal Home Theatre carry out.

What must the customer provide prior to installation?

  • A quality antenna signal and connection point to the location where the TV will be installed. Please note that if the customer is unable to provide this, Universal Home Theatre can replace the aerial for an additional fee.
  • Customer must ensure that there is a power and antennae point located in close proximity to where the TV will be located.
  • If the new installation is going in the same location as an existing unit, the customer must attend to the removal or relocation of the old TV and bracket prior to the Installation Date.

What’s included in the installation?

  • Universal Home Theatre will provide a standard flat TV wall mount bracket (for up to 65” TV’s) to suit the customer’s TV, as well as all required brush wall plates and mounting clips required to complete the installation.
  • On completion of installation Universal Home Theatre will ensure that all equipment has been reconnected, setup has been optimised, and will provide the customer with a tutorial of how to use the equipment.
  • Where possible, Universal Home Theatre will conceal all cabling within the wall cavity of a gyprock wall. Please note that cables can only be concealed vertically in the wall area directly underneath the TV and where there is unhindered space within the cavity. If the concealing of cabling is not possible (eg, concrete or brick wall, noggings behind cavity etc), we will conceal the cables within a length of ducting (typically 25mm*50mm in white trim) in front of the wall.
  • If the TV does not come with the required cables this can be arranged by Universal Home Theatre at an additional cost.

How long does the coverage last?

  • The warranty period is for 10 years from the date Universal Home Theatre complete the installation.

What is not covered?

  • This warranty will be void if the customer has tampered with the TV connections, cables or wall mount bracket after the technician has completed and left the site. Please note that if a callout occurs in such instances, the customer will incur a callout fee of $185 inc. GST.
  • Universal Home Theatre do not provide warranty for equipment and / or works that were not provided or installed by Universal Home Theatre (eg, audio-visual equipment and its quality, antennas, connection points etc). If the customer has an issue with the above, they should refer it back to the company that sold them the product(s) in question.
  • Unless third party equipment is damaged as a direct result of the installation, such equipment is not covered by this warranty.

This installation will be subject to certain laws including, without limitation, the Australian Consumer Law (“ACL”). Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the ACL. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonable foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Universal Home Theatre Pty Ltd Details

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Contact details: 1800 144 199 or email info@universalhometheatre.com.au with any questions.


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Specials & Packages

Our range of products are often sold far below the RRP of most electrical hardware to accommodate for the home theatre service.

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