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This shows a wall chase in which we have done a direct line down from the TV with cables running through a 25mm conduit in the wall and through bullnose brush plates at the top and bottom.

This shows our team wall chasing power and TV point from one point and relocating to behind TV for that seamless look.

These photos show the final product. This is certainly the best-looking option and the most future-proofed, but this depends on what furniture will be in the area and your budget.

Installing a wall-mounted TV has become increasingly popular over the years, offering a cleaner look at home. However, concealing the cables is one major issue many people face when mounting their TV. 

Exposed cables can be an eyesore as it removes the nice, clean look of a wall-mounted TV. In this blog, we will discuss the options available to conceal cables while adding a TV lift system, which can be a big decision for anyone looking to upgrade their home entertainment setup. 

How do you conceal the cables in the wall?

How you conceal the cables when wall mounting your TV will depend if your wall is plasterboard or concrete. Generally, it is easier for our team to conceal cables in 90% of plasterboard walls. The variation on this is when it’s a concrete wall. This can be completed in two ways:

1. Cables are concealed in a piece of duct 

A plastic trunking/covering is attached to the wall, which goes down from the centre of the TV and conceals the cables. This is the most popular option and is the standard offered in our ‘getting to know you’ TV wall mount package. The process generally takes around one to two hours with two technicians on site.

2. Cables are concealed within the concrete

Our TV wall mounting service is carried out by chasing the wall, installing a conduit (round plastic covering) inside the wall chase, having it rendered (covered/filled in with concrete) to become smooth again and then painting it over. This procedure is a lot more time-consuming as it generally takes five to six hours with two to three technicians who have experience in each trade on site.

Please see the images beside for a couple of wall chases that our TV wall mount service team has carried out.

Benefits of concealing your TV wall mount cables

A TV wall mount installation involves hiding cables for several reasons. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Aesthetic appeal — Concealing cables can significantly improve the visual appeal of a wall-mounted TV setup. Exposed cables can be distracting, whereas hidden cables provide a cleaner look.
  • Safety — Tangled and exposed cables can pose a tripping hazard, especially if you have children or older people in your home. 
  • Space-saving — Because wall-mounted TVs are popular for smaller spaces, concealing cables during TV mounting can save space by eliminating visible clutter and creating a streamlined setup.
  • Maintenance — Exposed cables can accumulate dust and debris over time, making cleaning difficult. You can minimise the dust and dirt accumulating in your home by hiding cables.
  • Flexibility — Concealing cables allows you to place your TV wherever you like. Since cables are hidden, you aren’t limited by the location of your power outlets. 

Overall, hiding cables enhances the functionality and appearance of your home entertainment setup.

Take the hassle out of concealing cables with Universal Home Theatre

Unlike TVs resting on entertainment units, wall-mounted TVs enhance viewing angles. You can enjoy optimal eye-level placement or preferred height for a comfortable and immersive viewing experience. Having your TV elevated is one thing, but hiding the cables in the process makes it even better — you can focus on what’s showing on the screen rather than the sneaky wires hanging out of the back. However, not everyone has the experience to do this on their own. For a seamless and expert TV mounting service, ensure to only trust a knowledgeable professional. 

At Universal Home Theatre, we offer clients a range of services to enhance your audio-visual (AV) setup, from TV wall mounting and TV calibration services to antenna installation, audio-video calibration and more. Our staff has years of expertise in installing, setting up and developing home theatres — you can trust us to maximise your space.

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