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Sample resume of a master of manicure and pedicure

To begin with, we recommend that you decide which type of resume suits you: chronological, functional, combined (depending on the type will differ in the structure of the composition). In this article, we will provide a visual sample nail technician resume of a manicurist combined type.

Personal data

Here it is required to fill in such items as:

  • First name, Last name, Middle name (in full, without abbreviations);
  • Date of birth (day, month, year);
  • residence address (your actual place of residence: city, district);
  • telephone number (mobile/home with code);
  • E-mail address (the mail that is active), and if necessary you can add other means of communication: Viber, What's app, WeChat, etc.
  • A photo of the candidate would also be welcomed.


In this column we specify a specific goal, that is, the name of the desired position for which you are applying, the scope of activity, type, for example: seeking a position as a master of manicure / pedicure in a beauty salon. You can also specify your desired salary level here.

Work experience

This column requires special attention, as the candidate for this position should have relevant experience in this field. Specify the place of work we start in reverse chronological order, that is, from the last place of work, namely, such information as: the period of work (date of entry and exit), the name of the organization, the direction of activity, position, functional duties and professional achievements.


Information such as: start and finish date of education, name of educational institution, specialty and degree of accreditation are required here. Additional education, e.g. courses, internships, etc. will also be a plus.

Professional skills

It is also important to pay attention to this point and write what skills and knowledge you have. For example:

  • performing manicure (European, American, Spanish, classic, wet, hot, business, hardware, spa manicure, Japanese, aquarium, men's, children's, art manicure);
  • pedicure (classic, hardware, combined, male, spa);
  • strengthening nails biogel;
  • nail extension;
  • coating nails gel varnish;
  • alignment of the nail plate.

Personal qualities

In this paragraph you need to specify your personal qualities and characteristics, for example:

  • punctual;
  • pleasant appearance appearance;
  • neat;
  • observing cleanliness and hygiene to the workplace and tools;
  • attentive;
  • easy to learn;
  • energetic;
  • friendly and open-minded;
  • hardworking;
  • enterprising;
  • sociable;
  • sociable.