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One of the most common questions asked when wall mounting a TV is, “how will you conceal the cables in the wall”

Well this depends if your wall is Plasterboard or Concrete. Generally when it is plasterboard the process is easy for our team so we can conceal cables in 90% of plasterboard walls.

The variation on this is when it’s a concrete wall. This can be completed in two ways

  1. Cables are concealed in a piece of duct (plastic trunking / covering) that is attached to the wall and goes down from the centre of TV and conceals the cables. This is quite popular is is standard with our ‘Getting to know you’ wall mount package (link). This generally take around 1 – 2 hr with 2 technicians on site
  2. Cables are concealed within the concrete which is carried out by chasing the wall and installing conduit (round plastic covering) inside the wall chase and then having the wall chase rendered (covered / filled in with concrete) to become smooth again and then painted over. This procedure is much more time consuming. This generally takes 5-6 hrs with 2-3 techs on site as this involves a few from our team to carry out the work who have the experience in each trade.

Please see images below for a couple of wall chases that have been carried out.

This shows a wall chase in which we have done a direct line down from the TV with cables running through 25mm conjute in wall and through bullnose brush plates at the top and bottom.

The second shows our team wall chasing power and TV point from one point and relocating to behind TV for that seamless look.

The remaining photos (photos to come) show the final product. This is certainly the best looking option and the most future proofed but this really does depend on what furniture is going to be in the area and also what your budget is.

Please contact our team who would love to discuss the options with you and tailor a solution to meet your needs.

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